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19 Jul 2015

another roll hunting find

Coins-United States | user_8191

I found a 1980 DDO FS-101 while searching rolls of cents this weekend. Grade looks to be MS61 or so. I would say, one of my top 2 or 3 finds searching rolls so far if not the best.

It's fun to see what that $0.01 can get you with some looking and patience!

Sorry the picture isn't the best, I'mno photographer.

What other finds are out there?

Happy hunting.



Level 6

I have to stop "following" you due to lack of recent activity. Good luck in your coin collecting!


Level 6

Looks like a great find for sure!


Level 7

I think it's great and put that on a blog today. Someone wants to get rid of cents. Just last month someone found a 1955 double die so he only received like twenty two thousand dollars for it. Varieties came in 2015 and 2016. There not expensive any more. There made of zinc and covered in copper. I also mentioned that thousands and thousands of collector's penny roll all the time. Good find hope you find more. Mike.


Level 5

good find.



Level 5

Great - keep up the searching!

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