14 Nov 2020

I was one of the lucky ones able to get through the Mint website and purchase one of these beauties. I won't send it away to get graded...it'll end up getting passed down to grandkids like everything else.



Level 4

I was able to get one of these as well. I’ve contemplated sending mine away to be graded, but have held off so far. Something about it just being in its original mint packaging.


Level 3

It was definitely worth it I think.


Level 7

Good going. That's hanging in there!!


Level 4

That is beautiful.


Level 6

It's a beauty!


Level 5

Amazing! Good job, I'm glad you got one!

Kevin Leab

Level 4

Thank you! After about an hour of trying I was losing hope.


Level 5

Awesome! I was thinking about getting one of those. :)


Level 5

Congratulations with successfully navigating the US mint website! That is truly a feat worth mentioning. Beautiful coin!

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