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07 Oct 2014

ANA memories, that run deep.

Money Museum | Cassie

When I was a young girl, I remembered coming to a event celebrating the new Native American Dollar. The excitement of a little girl BOOMED inside me when I laid eyes on Randy'L He-dow Teton.. I remember looking up at her in complete "awe", she was a beautiful woman...and I got to meet her at such a young age. One of my fondest memories of this organization. I also remember some delicious buffalo burgers from that same night. More to come... Share your memories below!



Level 7

Great story I didn't know these coins would show up in different countries.


Level 5



Level 6

What a great story Cassie!


Level 5

Cool story Cassie. Although you made me feel my age, I would have liked to have witnessed that event as well! Good for you having that memory starting out so young! I also cherish my memories of being a young kid starting in our hobby. :) good story!


Level 4

CERGRADER, Thank you for reading my story! Age, an inevitable feeling. It was a neat thing to be apart of! What is one of your most cherished memories? So neat, especially when you have someone passionate about the hobby to teach you!


Level 4

Thanks, ya it was very memorable. Your a great teacher Sam.. You got a way with language, I notice it with our school groups. Thank you for sharing that neat fact. So I assume the denomination is the same in either place, just one dollar? Are there any other bills or coins introduced here, that are popular down there?


Level 5

Very cool, Cass! Strangely enough, a LOT of these Sacagawea Dollars have wound up in Ecuador as circulating legal tender. The Native American design is popular there. Remember that when we say "American" that refers to our continent, as well as the continent to the south of us - there are many Native South Americans also. (and oh yeah - mmmmm, buffalo burgers!)

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