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03 Sep 2020

New quarter idea

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I had thought of an idea that could create more hype with the U.S. quarters. As we know, the Mint has the quarters with the W (West Point) mintmark that they randomly slide into rolls, and is the only way they could be obtained. The quarters are still made of the normal composition that P and D quarters are made of, and are still made in the millions. I don't see too much hype about it, and I've checked prices online like eBay and found the prices for them to be on average $12-35. So, here's an idea: how about, for one year, the mint tries special quarters made of gold? Obviously the mintage would much lower, and they too would be randomly inserted in rolls. I would think such would create a lot of hype.I know, I have on heck of an imagination and ideas, so I want to hear your input of this idea.


People have the option to purchase massive bags of quarters form the mint basically ensuring the success of finding one. I think silver would be a better idea, and more practical,


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I think the days of gold coins in modern circulation is a thing of the past...circa 1930's.


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Never make it to the public, never. It's an idea thought. Keep thinking. Thanks.

It's Mokie

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I think that would cause a frenzy at the banks and be counterproductive. Better to just change the designs on all our coins and perk up interest that way. Except the Cent, I love Lincoln on the Cent.


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The silver proof quarter goes for 40.00 each in high grade. Next year the quarters will have animals from different states. That's the rumor of the month.


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Special gold quarters for collections would be awesome. Most could never make a set though. With all the quarter designs, having a set is quite the achievement.


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Unfortunately, people get really crazy when gold is involved. Meh. Fighting at the bank, Wally-world. I can hear it now, "That's my quarter", especially with the cost of gold. Besides I for one am really exhausted with all the quarter variations over the last few years. Change the design.....OK, change the composition? Don't think it would work. But I do like imagination, so I am always am willing to listen to ideas.


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I don't think gold quarters for circulation would work. They would not make it out of the private firms that roll coins.

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