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13 Dec 2020

My oldest quarter

| World coin collector

My oldest quarter is a 1906 barber quarter in AG3 condition. Most barber coins were sill in circulation until 1945, However lots of roll of BU coins were also kept to have more nice coins. That was the same year the Denver mint opened so that is a cool event for that year.TR did not like any barber coins so they were stopped in 1916.



Level 5

Sounds like a nice coin! But maybe a few pics?


Level 5

Hey, I've been collecting since the 60s & I still collect all types of coins. I have my favorite sets I work on more than most, but I still collect all over the place. Remember, rule 2, Collect what you like! Oh, Rule one; Buy the book before the coin. Those are my numbers, there is really not a numbered list. Keep collecting, the rest will follow.


Level 3

very nice coin. I have some 1921s that I love.


Level 7

I like collecting different coins.diversify. It's fun that way!!


Level 5

Photos please. It looks like you are yet to determine just what coin will be your targeted collection.


Level 5

1906 is a old quarter. Maybe research that year and include some information on mintage and history from that time period. I like the old coins with a little wear. All the people who handled the coin and cadh registers the coin was in. Amazing!


Level 5

Nice. Ditto on numismaster dittoing Bama


Level 5

Thank you for that lol


Level 6

That's nice... but you really need to have more content to your blogs. One sentence is not considered a blog. Maybe you could have someone help you.


Level 5

Thats a nice coin right there! Ditto on what Bama said. Cheers, NM

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I see that you collect a lot of different coins. That's good. After awhile you will figure out which are your favorites and start collecting more of those type. Eventually you will have complete collections.

You must like collecting.

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