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02 Feb 2021

How I started collecting

| World coin collector

The first time I started collecting coins was in 2017, when I was about 10 years old that was when I found a 1929-d walking liberty half dollar fromcoin box of coins he kept from my grandfather's childhood in the 1950s.He had a lot of nice silver, copper, and buffalos in the coin books and boxes of coins.I wanted to know where they came from and why he kept them.I got a good answer. He sadly stopped collecting because in 1965, people were getting all the silver that they could afford so he gave up because he could not find anything in circulation. He should have looked harder.I collect coins for that reason, because it feels good to get a coin that is rare.

The place of where it came from is also interesting to know because most likely if it is further away it is older (Unless it is a proof). It is also seeing what happened to those coins, or why they are different, that is interesting to know about your coin. Your coin can also represent a picture or a certain person place or thing or Idea. It is also interesting discovering some coins that were not known for a long time. Even in circulation today you can discover something new. You might know what it looks like, but that does not mean you have that coin and know what picture it goes with. Why was that coin minted was the design going to be on another coin like a or a Washington nickel and Lincoln nickels were unusual( these were not actual coins, but they were designs that could have been coins). The 1943 tin cent is an actual cent that is an interesting story I do not know what it is but I do. Every coin Tells a story weather it is normal or not it is still interesting. And weather the story is interesting the coins are still coins of history no matter how they look( never judge a coin by it's cover. Just because it looks normal,

Does not make it normal. I have been interested in why Jefferson nickels were minted first in 1938? Why could the essential workers pick the Jefferson nickel design in 1943 for the bicentennial in 1743? The Roosevelt dime was following the passing of FDR, then with Kennedy, then who is next? Joe Biden?(He would not be good on a coin).



Level 5

Thanks for sharing your collecting history. It's interesting to hear how folks got started collecting.


Level 5

I also have my grandfather to thank for my initial interest in coins. Nice story.


Level 5

I also got into collecting thanks to my grandfather. Thanks for sharing!

Long Beard

Level 5

I've been at this thing for just short of fifty years. What I've learned, as will you, is that life will frustrate you and distract you. The how and why you collect only becomes revealed when you recover.

It's Mokie

Level 6

It is always fascinating to hear the story of how our fellow numismatists began collecting. Thank You for sharing yours.

walking liberty

Level 4

wait....your 13? did not know that but that is cool that you started with silver! i started when I was in 1st grade when my dad gave me a dollar coin.

Kevin Leab

Level 4

Interesting blog... I started almost the same way but with my Great Uncle..but not until after he passed that I found his box of coins. I've been at this since 1979.


Level 6

Interesting blog. Mike said it all. Thanks. Government doesn't care about "essential workers". We were in a war.


Level 6

Nice story ; ) Thanks for sharing it with us.


Level 5

Good "origin story"! I started when I was ten as well!


Level 5

Nice story! I also started collecting sometime in 2017, towards the end I think...

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!


Level 7

Every coin ,token ,and medal tells a story. That's why we research the history of it.Yes there was a test cent late in 1942 that had tin and two other metals in it. The Jefferson nickel was made in 1938 because Congress passed the bill for it to be made then.. You see the Buffalo nickel had run it's course. Congress.has to pass a bill in 1936 so the Jefferson could take over in 1938. Two years from when the bill is signed.. That's why it started in 1938. Same with other coins. Some run longer some don't. It's not done by the workers.


Level 5

Nice story about how coins have a story. I enjoy the history of coins and really like the personal side. Like hearing about a grandfather who had the coins and how he acquired them. Maybe you can tell your grandchildren about a few coins and pass them on to the grandkids. I hope to get my grandkids started on a coin collection. Nice blog.

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