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19 Jan 2018

found all of my facts

| user_88687

I just finished writing all my facts that I need for my second dollar project. Now I'm still not done. I still have to write about it and then mail it in. That is the easy part though. Then all I have to do is mail it in and then wait for them to send me the new coin.  I can't wait to receive my new coin.  I will most likely get it in the mail by tomorrow. I will blog again when I receive my new coin if not sooner,


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

thats great i hope you learned a lot


Level 6

It sounds like your on a roll! : ) Keep up the great work and research! Most of all have FUN! I'll be looking forward to your next blog.


Level 3

I won't forget.


Level 7

Good for you. I'm sure you did a great job. Don't forget to tell us of your coin thanks alot. Mike

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