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31 Jan 2018

what I have been doing

| user_88687

I haven't blogged in a very long time and I figured that I would blog since I had the time to. Recently I have been working with my mom to look at coins and see which ones I should collect and which ones have no value. I haven't worked on my dollar project for all while but I will be doing some more work on that soon and I will blog again to let you know how I'm doing on it. I will hopefully finish it soon and remember to blog more often. Remember to keep your eye out for my next blog telling the progress that I have made and possibly telling you what coin I received. 



Level 6

Details, pls! What kind of coins appeal to you? My mother liked coins too. Her fav was the Chain cent. (She had very good taste)


Level 7

Hi good to here from you. If you want to know what coins have value buy some reference books. Also collect what you like. Value is not everything in collecting. If you put a set together not all the coins will have value. But all in one book they do. Value is what you put on a coin. Thanks I will be watching for your project.Mike.


Level 6

It is nice you and your Mom is studying coins together.


Level 6

Good to hear from you! Keep up on your Dollar Project and let us know what's going on. : ) What coins have you and your Mom been looking at to collect? Any winners yet? : )

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