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24 Sep 2018

What I would like to collect

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I haven't blogged in a while. Recently I've been busy going to scout camp and Florida. Then before I knew it it was back to school and I had lots of homework and a lot more on my mind besides coins. I haven't thought much about going onto this website. I did start thinking more about coins over the summer though. I just recently got the American Silver Eagle coin set. It is every year from the beginning to present. I thought about starting to collect dimes. If I were to though I wouldn't know where to start. If you have any suggestions could you please leave a comment below. I just don't know if there is a good set to start with for dimes. I'm going to try to start going on more and keeping active. If you have any suggestions please comment below. Thanks.



Level 4

A Kennedy collection would be nice

A collection of BU common mercuries can be very rewarding.

Mercury Dimes are a good start if you collect circulated ones and have a dealer near by that has a large stock of them or maybe even a big tub that you can just set and go through. But remember that the 1916-D will set you back no matter what grade. If you want to stay in a budget friendly series but move up to AU and BU coins I suggest Roosevelt Dimes.


Level 6

I just started collecting silver Roosevelt Dimes. But I first stared with Mercury Dimes and Buffalo Nickels! Both are great series! Just have fun ; )

The first thing you need to determine are the parameters of the collection. Do you want to search and find in circulation or do you want to purchase, or both. What condition if your goal - if BU it is buy, if nice condition you can search pocket change. Roosevelt dimes are great for this, since the early years are silver and will need to be purchased, but there are still 50 years of clad coins that can be found in circulation. Also the dime is of sufficient value to circulate less than cents, so they last longer in circulation and will likely have better conditions. I chose Jefferson nickels for fun, but I find I buy so little with cash, that I don't get that many coins in change.


Level 3

Thanks for commenting.


Level 3

Thank you for your suggestions.


Level 6

FDR dimes are a great series to collect. Going back to 1946. Silver, clad, proofs.


Level 4

I second Big Nub Numismatics silver Roosevelt Dime idea. Pretty short set - 1946 to 1964. Even in nice uncirculated there are no real show stoppers, especially if you stay away from slabs.. And you can add the proof to expand the set. My very first set I completed was a circulated set, and I’ll always be proud of it! Jim

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

Lincoln Cents are a great set, it will keep you entertained for years trying to finish it, the only problem is that there are a couple of expensive coins you will need, the 1914 D, 1909 S, and 1909 VDB

Try to collect silver roosevelt's first, that is what I started with, still need one more, 1947-s, got most for around .25$ a piece. easy to find, and cheap. Just do what you like


Level 6

You have to decided what to collect yourself. What do you like researching or reading about? keep up your school work and something will come to you. Thanks.


Level 6

Dimes and nickels are good series to collect. Most are reasonable priced.


Level 7

Well no matter what anyone tells you school comes before this site. You did the right thing. Someday you will have a job and then you will really be buying coins. But you need the job first. I'm glad you picked up the Silver Eagle set its very nice. A great start. There are priorities in life so far your doing it the right way. Keep it up. Collect what you like and when you have time ing on and say hello. Thanks. Mike

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