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15 Aug 2020

How do you handle your coins?

| Vailen

When handling your coins, do you use any protection? For example:
(1) Cotton gloves(2) Latex gloves(3) "Finger" cotton gloves
I have read on forums that some people do not use any gloves at all. Personally I not believe that's a good idea. I am currently looking for a good pair of cotton gloves instead of the gloves that you throw away after a few uses (assuming they exist).
What do you use? Any recommendations? Thanks.



Level 4

Circulated coins get handled, UNC/BU/AU coins get held by the edges. I don't like gloves as they are slippery and I've had problems with gloves leaving prints and hairlines (depends on material).


Level 4

I have a pair of gloves, but only use them on my more expensive coins.

Prodigy Coins

Level 4

I use cotton gloves from coin world. Got them at the world's fair of money last year.


Level 6

Depends on what coin it is. I use cotton for my nice silver. Those are about the only really nice type of coins I have raw. Anything else I don't use anything. I do make sure I have a nice soft something below the coins in case of dropping. I may be wrong but i don't believe the TPG use gloves. Thanks. Good question. Hold them by their edge only.


Level 5

I have some inexpensive cloth gloves that most dealers sell. If it's just a bunch of wheat cents, I am not that careful, if just searching a pile of wheat cents. If I am changing something into a new holder or 2x2 i use the cotton gloves and try to be really careful just to touch the edges. I don't handle anything expensive, so it's not a big deal to me. If your someone that handles the expensive stuff, then be careful.


Level 5

I use a pair of military dress gloves my wife gave me when she was active duty. Have been using the same pair for years.

latex, powder free gloves are best. I usually only worry about handling the AU upward coins and keep the XF and below coins just with my bare hands.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I always use latex gloves when handling my raw better coins. If the coin is a common worn Roosevelt Dime, etc. I do not bother since the value of the coin is in the bullion and my handling with bare hands will not depreciate it in any way.


Level 4

I use nitrile gloves to handle my coins. I hate using bare hands to handle coins unless they are cull.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Most coin shops sell cotton gloves. Mostly I don't wear gloves. That is a bad practice on my part. The reason I rationalize it is that my collection is largely circulated coins. I handle them by the edges and put them in holders or albums, but it is really a bad practice on my part.

Rock Hound

Level 4

me too i mostly collect circulated coins and my hands are small so they don't fit though I am always thinking I need to wear gloves.


Level 7

Any dealer sells them. Any store like Amos sells them. I always use gloves. They can slip out of your two fingers and then your chasing them. Cents silver they will show up. The oils.on your fingers have a habit of staying. And you don't want to drop them.

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