Modern Commemorative Coins

20 Jul 2020



Level 6

Great collection! Thanks for sharing these ; )


Level 3

I have not had the time to work on this part yet. This will take me a while as I have collected many commemorative coins over many decades. Photographing my coins is on my to-do list. The challenge I face is that all of my coins are encapsulated with their original US Mint capsules. Photographing coins with capsules is more difficult since the plastic reflects light. I tried taking a coin out of its capsule once. That turned out to be extremely difficult and I never succeeded. The US Mint capsules are designed differently compared to third party versions like Lighthouse. I wish I had a special tool to remove capsules that would also ensure I do not scratch the coin inside.

Rock Hound

Level 4

Very Nice


Level 4

Beautiful collection!

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