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29 Dec 2021

American Innovation Dollars

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When the US Mint first heard the idea of a 50 State Commemoratives series in 1998, they were skeptical. That's so many coins! How could one person ever find them all? Will it work? When the mint was finally convinced, they released the first state quarters in 1999. And as we all know, they were a hit. Over a hundred million Americans have been estimated to collect the series, and soon the ATB Quarters/Presidential Dollars followed in the wake of the success of that series. In the first 50 state commemorative set that is ALL NIFC (not intended for circulation), each dollar would "celebrate innovators and innovations" from each of our states.

The series has been ongoing since 2018 after having been signed by then-president Donald Trump, starting with the introductory coin. The series (along with the ATB and State Quarters) is organized with the states that joined the union earliest getting a coin first. The introductory coin was released on December 14, 2028, with the next four coins in the series being released in September, October, November, and December of 2019 respectively.

The coins are minted in in four different variations: Philadelphia (Circulation Strike), Denver (Circulation Strike), San Francisco (Proof), and a reverse proof that is also minted by the San Francisco Mint. The obverse is universal across all the coins, with a Statue Of Liberty on the right side of the obverse, and "In God We Trust"/"$1" on the left side of the coin. The edge lettering, along with the mintmark, are on the edge, and have the same basic format as the Presidential/Native American Dollars.

Keep collecting,


P.S. Please be sure to check out Update #16! I saved it as a draft but didn’t post it until today, so it won’t be on the top of the blog stream. Just check out my recently posted blogs and it should be there. Happy New Year! 🥳



Level 6

There are some nice designs, but I don't collect the series. ; )

Long Beard

Level 5

I bought them all so far. The proof sets and reverse proof sets. The mint states from a dealer each year as an eight coin set (P & D). I only wish the edge lettering would migrate to the obverse, not like there isn't enough room.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I should pay more attention to them. They haven't caught my eye


Level 6

These series has type collecting huge.

It's Mokie

Level 6

They are way nicer than the Presidential Dollars but I don't collect them either.


Level 5

Nice coins. I dont collect them. Thanks


Level 6

So do you collect this series? Maybe I missed it in your blog. I'm not a collector of them myself. I don't know anyone that is other than one or two. Nice coins though. Thanks.


Level 5

Yeah, I started when I got some of them for Christmas.

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