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27 May 2022

The Dollar Project

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Hello fellow YNs and YNH!

I have noticed a recent and sudden influx of new YN members hitting the blog stream. First of all, welcome! I'm so glad you are finding out more about our numismatic hobby, reading others' blogs, and even writing some blogs yourselves! It's great to have you. The ANA has some great YN programs, and I have noticed talking to some even older YNs that you guys aren't aware of them! Check them out! Here's the best one!

In my opinion, the ANA YN Dollar Project is the best program for YNs the ANA has. Sadly, this program is only for 12 and younger, so if you are a senior YN, you are out of luck. The YN dollar project consists of four simple activities to help our younger YNs learn more about our country's dollars. The first activity is a coin rubbing, which is quick, fun, and cool looking! For this activity, you will earn a Sacagawea, Presidential, or Susan B. Anthony Small Dollar.

The second activity for the Dollar Project is called Pick A Year. Find a picture of any US dollar, and look at the date. Find five events that happened in the US, and five world events that happened during that year. Send the image of the coin as well as your lists. I recommend (for a challenge) doing a Morgan Dollar, or any dollar before that (Trade, etc.). For this activity you will earn your (probably) first large size dollar: an Ike dollar. This series was short lived, from 1971-1978.

The third activity is to design a commemorative coin. The specifications are that the coin must include the year you designed it (ex: 2022), a year significant to the person, place, or thing you are commemorating, a design of that person, place or thing, and the word "Liberty" somewhere on the coin. You must use the design sheet that you can download of the Dollar Project Page, and you are only responsible for one side of the coin (it can be the obverse, or the reverse). For this, you get a 90% silver large dollar: A Morgan Dollar or a Peace Dollar. It seems to be randomized (I got a Peace Dollar, my brother got a Morgan). The Peace dollars come in better condition than the Morgan Dollars, however, so you can't lose with either.

The final activity is to play an online choose your own adventure games following the steps of the minting process. I though it was fun, and even the adults could see if they make it to the end. Beware though. One wrong answer, and you get sent back to the start. Do you know the minting process as well as you might think you do? The prize for this activity is a US Mint Set (the one I got was dated 1996).

If you are 12 or under, this is definitely NOT a waste of your time. Have fun! YNH and senior YNs, let me know if you make it through the whole thing without restarting in the comments! Here's the link to the Dollar Project:https://www.money.org/thedollarproject

Here's the link to the choose your own adventure minting process game:https://www.money.org/thedollarproject/start

Keep collecting,




Level 4

This is a great thing for YNs. Especially if trying to attract more youngsters into the hobby. Dollar coins are so rarely talked about and/or recognized these days, but yet remain a main stay of coins produced by the mint. Thanks for sharing. Going to show this to my youngest.

It's Mokie

Level 6

The YN community is so welcome here, we oldsters get to see the excitement of a new collector in ways that remind us of our early days. Yay for YNs and the ANA programs designed for you.


Level 6

Good idea pointing these programs out. I may do them just for fun. Thanks.


Level 7

All great ways to learn. Those of us who are older never had programs like this. They will make you all better collector's. Great blog.

Long Beard

Level 5

As far back as I recall, the ANA has vigorously aided the younger generation of collectors through various programs such as this. As you have stated, this is a great opportunity that anyone falling under the acceptance terms should take advantage of. As for myself and several other regular members, we are here to assist the budding collectors. Young and old. Your input and thoughts hold tremendous valued to not only the ANA but our hobby.


Level 4

Sadly I never got to do it because I'm over 12. But it sounds fun!


Level 6

Great blog! So many fun activities for you guys! I went to the link and started my adventure through the U.S. Mint...minting process. Too fun! I made it through to the end and had a really good time! Thanks! ; )

AC coin$

Level 6

Good blog .


Level 5

This was an amazing program done by the ANA! I would highly recommend doing it if you are a YN under the age of 12.


Level 5

Yes, completely.

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