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31 Dec 2021

Proof Buffalo Nickels: The Only Bisons With Dates!

Coins-United States | thatcoinguy

When the buffalo nickel was released in 1916, it quickly became a favorite with collectors and the public alike. The favored it for it’s distinctively “American” design. Designed by James Earle Fraser, it features a representation of a Native American on the obverse, and a bison on the reverse. The reason for the title is that while most Buffalo nickels had a superior strike at the time of minting, the design (especially the date) soon wears off after use in general circulation. All my roll searching friends can testify on that. But the proof versions are beautifully struck, even better than the circulation strikes, and as they were only struck for collectors, most (if not all) have their dates. I have had the chance to see multiple of these special strikes, and I was considering buying one as a nice addition for my collection. But, as I do with all of my potential numismatic purchases, I had to do my research. Here’s some things I discovered.

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