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25 May 2022

Tips For Exhibiting: Part Three

Collecting Tips | thatcoinguy

Hello fellow YNs and YNH!

My seventh tip for you guys is concerning writing your texts once you have done your research. You want to be writing in a pleasing way, so you have that appeal in your exhibit. Nobody wants to read an exhibit saying, "The 1885-O Morgan Dollar is made of 90% silver, and 10% copper." Instead, you could write, "The Morgan Dollars of 1885 made at the New Orleans mint were minted with an alloy of 90 percent silver. The remaining 10 percent of the alloy was copper." Which would you rather read?

Another thing to keep in mind is the first time you write out your information, it WILL NOT BE PERFECT. Write, rewrite, and rewrite some more. There is always something you could fix or improve. Keep reading over your text, and I'm sure you will find errors to tweak in order to have the best exhibit possible. I find that, especially on the last draft before the final copy, it is best to read out loud your text, because this will help you pick up things you might have skipped over when you read it yourself.

The last tip for this blog is in terms of the scale of coins to data sheets. You want the coins and data to be distributed within the space as evenly and as pleasantly organized as possible, but there are some things I would recommend when thinking about your layout. For a good layout, you want the amount of data sheets/squares to be EQUAL TO OR LESS THAN THE AMOUNT OF COINS IN YOUR EXHIBIT. Never have more data than you do coins. Be sure to have as many coins related to your exhibit as possible. If I was doing an exhibit on nickels minted in 2020, I would want to include as many of these as possible: 2020-P, 2020-D, 2020-S proof, 2020-S reverse proof, 2020-W circulation strike, 2020-W proof, and the 2020-W reverse proof.

Keep collecting,


AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Nice information and advise from a master.

Long Beard

Level 5

Well put together. These are but a few of the things which transform good writing into great writing.


Level 5

I appreciate each exhibit for their efforts.


Level 6

Nice blog! Lots of good tips indeed! ; )


Level 6

Nice tips. Good luck.


Level 7

Great tips . I expect you to win a few. Thanks for the blog. We appreciate them.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I am frequently amazed at the cool background graphics that frequent exhibitors (winners) utilize. At the PAN show, the top exhibits are so good, it almost seems impossible to ever match them unless you spend a tremendous amount of money on your graphics alone.

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