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25 May 2022

PANtastic Saturday

| It's Mokie

Twice a year, collectors from across Pennsylvania and neighboring states gather in the booming metropolis of Monroeville to attend the Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists (PAN) Coin Show. The shows are always held in Late May and Late October and run for 3 days. I had the great pleasure of attending on 21 May and I would like to tell you all about my experience. You have already heard about my meeting Clifford Mishler of clock-signing fame but there is more, much more.

22 May 2022

A Very Meaningful Clock

| It's Mokie

So, who do you put on your personal Mt. Rushmore of modern numismatics? Some names are kind of obvious like David Bowers, Dick Yeo, and Kim Kiick but the most important tname on my Rushmore is Mr. Clifford Mishler. As a young collector, I used to wait in anticipation of the next issue of Numismatic News so I could read about his latest adventure into the world of coin shows big and small. Mr. Mishler has a folksy style of writing that drew you into his adventure and made you feel like you were sitting right next to him as he drove from Iola to Omaha or wherever coin collectors gathered.

03 May 2022

The U.S. Trade Dollars 4 Ways

| It's Mokie

When we think of the U.S. Trade Dollar thoughts immediately go to the Far East China trade and the important roll the Trade Dollar had in advancing American economic and political interests in the region. The first Trade Dollar was produced in 1873 and after a short run, she disappeared from regular production in1878. Of course, proof production continued until 1885 but you will not be seeing a proof as one of the 4 ways today.

28 Jan 2022

An interesting turn of events

| It's Mokie

Well I recently became a life member of ANA and the final switchover from regular member to life member (for some reason it was delayed for several weeks after they were paid) occurred today. I now find myself with a shiny new number LM 7133 but I also find myself with no blogs, and no history to my name. I suppose someone at ANA could link my old account to my new account and make me whole again but I am quite frankly filled with ennui and could not care even a little bit about my lost account. I suppose it is out there in the ether? Maybe I can look myself up and marvel at my past musings but I just feel free now and I am going to push ahead like the newbie I am. Pictured is my 15 year ANA membership medal from 1992. I quit ANA for over 25 years in 1993 and now in 2022 I start anew. Yay for me.

11 Dec 2021

Rambling through the Lincoln Cent

| It's Mokie

President Lincoln is the President I most admire of all the Presidents; I am never a fan of old men on coins, but Lincoln is my exception and I have never found his presence on our coinage to be the least bit bothersome. For this reason, several years ago, I decided to put together a personal NGC registry set of all the Lincoln appearances and varieties in U.S. coinage. I have not included any Civil War tokens or other non-government issued item as that would break any budget. I finally completed, what I consider to be a definitive set very recently so I thought I would share it with you.

08 Oct 2021

The Hobby Protection Act and Daniel Carr

| It's Mokie

A designer-engraver named Daniel Carr does business in Colorado manufacturing exquisitely rendered imitations of U.S. coins. As faithful to the originals as his versions are, he is not legally required to include the word "COPY" in the field as one would expect under the provisions of the federal Hobby Protection Act. According to the Hobby Protection Act an imitation numismatic item means "an item which purports to be, but in fact is not, an original numismatic item or which is a reproduction, copy, or counterfeit of an original numismatic item. Such term includes an original numismatic item which has been altered or modified in such a manner that it could reasonably purport to be an original numismatic item other than the one which was altered or modified. The term shall not include any re-issue or re-strike of any original numismatic item by the United States or any foreign government." On the surface, it appears that Carr's creations ought to be prohibited by the Hobby Protection Act. So why is he still allowed to produce his coins?

04 Sep 2021

A reflection on 9/11, 20 years hence

| It's Mokie

It's hard to believe it has been 20 years since the 9/11 terrorist attack on this nation. I still remember the Coaster pulling into the Old Town Station while I received a phone call from my wife about the first plane into the towers. At that early time, she had no details, she had just been told by a High School friend of my stepdaughter Holly that the building had been struck probably by some light plane in a horrible accident. I was a Navy civilian security person on 9/11 and as you can imagine, my base, the Old Town Campus of SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific, San Diego was shortly thereafter put on high alert. Navy Region Southwest had their Command Center on my base and we had a parade of high ranking personnel from all over San Diego descending on us. It was the most eventful day of my entire career.

03 Aug 2021

What an OrDeal!!!

| It's Mokie

I was sitting on my PC at exactly 12 noon today in order to try and score one of those 2021 Morgans. I had decided to try the D mint version since I figured the S mint version would be slightly more popular. I had my finger poised waiting for the order button to appear and NOTHING Happened. I refreshed the screen and my little refresh icon just kept spinning. I was trying everything at that point, trying to access with my Iphone, my Amazon Fire tablet, and of course my trusty Lenovo PC. Time was flying by, it was already 12:15 and I thought it was game over for Old Moke. But miraculously, I was suddenly able to place an order, the system wanted to reserve 2 of them for me and even though I only wanted 1, I figured "don't queer the deal" by changing ANYTHING at that point. I went through each step, double-checked my entries, and have been rewarded with a nice email from the Mint acknowledging my order. Super excited, I am going to keep one and trade or sell the other. I can't wait to try for the Peace next week. Oh, BTW, I have started my payment plan to become an ANA Life Member, that is going to be about 22 months or so, I just need to avoid kicking any buckets along the way. I hope any of you trying today were equally successful.

01 Jul 2021

The Classic Commemoratives of Canada

Coins-World | It's Mokie

The classic commemorative period in the U.S. ran from 1892's Worlds's Columbian Exposition Half Dollar to 1954's George Washington Carver/Booker T. Washington commemorative. It was a pretty good run with 58 different coins in gold and silver. Included in that 58 were 48 silver half dollars, 1 silver quarter, 1 silver dollar, 5 gold dollars, 2 gold 2 ½ dollars, and a gold 50 dollar. This only reflects a type set total and does not account for all the different years, mintmarks, and varieties to be found in the classic commemorative set. I would consider that a pretty prodigious output over that 62 year run.

20 Jun 2021

The Little Red Fire Truck Haunts Me

| It's Mokie

It was a beautiful Pittsburgh afternoon; I had just left my Wife and Daughter after an enjoyable visit, and I decided to stop at my favorite Thrift Store. This Thrift Store (St. Vincent De Paul) is not too perfect like some Thrift Stores, not too cluttered like other Thrift Stores, just the perfect thrift store with interesting items every time I visit and frequent half-off sales. All Green labels were half off on during my visit but I only managed to find three blue labels to purchase.


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