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27 Apr 2020

An Interesting Variation

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Some of you that follow my blogs have probably noted that I have an inordinate interest in Canadian Coins, that interest also extends to Currency, Medals, and Ephemera. I was hoping one of you has the answer to a question I have about the two bills pictured. They are both from 1967, they both have the Canadian Centennial Maple Leaf logo on the obverse and they both have the Old Parliament Building on the reverse. But, and its an important but, one has a serial number and one has the dual dates 1867 1967 in place of the serial number. They are both legal tender and neither is worth much unless in fairly high grades. So here's the question. Why the difference? Is the dual dated example meant to be distributed to collectors only while the serial numbered example is for general circulation? Was one issued before the other, in other words, did one issue replace the other? I am doing research for an article I am writing on the general subject of Canada 1967 and I would like to flesh out the article with the straight story on this variation. PS- the Post Card is just for fun, it shows all the Canadian Provinces at the time of the centennial. It does not include the Yukon or Northwest Territories. Since 1967, no new provinces but the eastern half of the Northwest Territory has had the Nunavut Territory calved off its eastern flank like a big iceberg.



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Sorry, cannot help provide an answer. Hopefully, the other replies have been good sources.


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Interesting. I would call up that big Canadian Auction Co.. https://auctions.canadiancoinsandpapermoney.com/auction/115/monday-night-auction-12 Phone: 1 877 276-8627 I like the new photos. let us know the answer you get. Thanks.


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I dont know the differance execpt what you pointed out. Im not up on Canadin currency. You stole my thunder i was doing a blog on our currency that i own and two of them showed up in this months coin world. There are screts on the two. I will wait. Gary sort of gave it away. I enjoyed it if they tried that here both would be hoarded. And it would be sold for a rarity. Thanks in your conitued education in canidian coins currency and medals and a vase. Keep them coming!!


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According to the poster in this link, there were 12 million 1867 1967 serialized notes printed. Of course, being legal tender a number of these were spent like money. Interestingly, that would make 12 million notes with the same serial number. There seems to be little in the way of more information on these. Publicly, they were treated like collector items because large quantities of these were hoarded. https://www.coincommunity.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=108108

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Thanks Gary, I have checked out that link and have also sent some specific question to the Canadian Paper Money Society. I also found a better editing tool that, I hope, will make my pictures far better. The Bills and the Post Card were edited with the new tool.

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