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23 Apr 2020

Another Show Bites the Dust

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Well, another of our great spring/summer coin shows has been cancelled due to restrictions imposed by the Corona Pandemic. The Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists (PAN) show scheduled for May 7 thru 9 will not occur. I feel badly for all the vendors, all the eager collectors, all the volunteers, all the Kids, and especially for our Show Runner, Patrick McBride. He puts his heart and soul into every one of our twice yearly shows and he is truly an inspiration to all of us who volunteer. PAN is the local sponsor club for the Worlds Fair of Money so many of us volunteers will be eagerly awaiting that event this August in Pittsburgh, PA. Richard Jewell will be the local coordinator and I, for one, will be volunteering my time to The Greatest Show in the Whole Numismatic World. The PAN show will return from October 29-31 and the PAN KidZone will be the best yet. So mark your calendars and make the WFM and the Fall PAN Show, your destinations.



Level 5

The state lock-downs have hit everyone, but what was the alternative? The worst virus infections are incredibly bad for anyone. Need lots more testing to be safe. Sorry you missed your show.


Level 5

That stinks, but it's for the best, all things considered (especially our health, because without that you truly do not have anything; money comes and goes, jobs come and go, but life is not a video game and you don't get an 'extra guy.' But I digress...) I love working with PAN and yes, Pat McBride and Richard Jewell are amazing, I am still looking forward to our World's Fair of Money Show scheduled for August. I am cautious and optimistic, but nervous that if an outbreak hits Pittsburgh badly, that the WFM may not be possible if the convention center is used as an overflow hospital as planned; just have to wait and see. -Sam Gelberd, ANA Numismatic Educator.


Level 6

Sucks. I know you are working like crazy for the KidZone. It will come back..


Level 5

Sorry to hear that. Hopefully, our local December show is safe but nothing is certain at the moment.


Level 7

There is no way to keep pople that far away from each table.its a big show. Hundreds of people attend. Look if anyone wants to take a chance for a coin thats you there bussiness. I espically am disapointed. I was going. But not at the chance someone would pass it on.. Why cant we keep to the warnings. Its a great show. But were fighting a war were we cant see who were fighting. It was a very smart move. But until there is an anti virus im home here you get a 1000 fine if you dont were a mask. This is life and death. How are you going to keep hundreds of people away from each other? There is no way sorry about thebshow. We will meet up at another one. Mike

Long Beard

Level 5

If the powers that be don't rush things beginning May 8th, and most importantly, people remain at a distance from one another for the time being a Fall show is not out of the question. I'll definitely attend.


Level 5

Was looking forward to the PAN show. Hopefully later in the year and fall shows will be fine. Looking forward to our Harrisburg coin clun show in September? Hopefully we can have a successful show. Our summer coin club picnic has been rescheduled for August which is fine. Was supposed to ve June. Hope to have a club meeting June? Lets get through this.


Level 5

I feel very badly about your show. We were going to go to the Central States show today. Perhaps more of a disappointment is that my wife and I were to meet the parents of my daughter's fiance for dinner. Everything is upsidedown these days. :( It looks like we'll have to wait until October in Iceland at the wedding to meet them now.

It's Mokie

Level 6

iceland was on my almost immediate bucket list until Wow Airlines went belly wheel up. Take some photos for Longstrider and Me!!!


Level 6

Iceland?? I want to go with you. Just watched a great show on their lava tubes and ice caves. Long way to go to get married. Sounds very cool.

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