It's Mokie's Blog

03 Aug 2021

What an OrDeal!!!

| It's Mokie

I was sitting on my PC at exactly 12 noon today in order to try and score one of those 2021 Morgans. I had decided to try the D mint version since I figured the S mint version would be slightly more popular. I had my finger poised waiting for the order button to appear and NOTHING Happened. I refreshed the screen and my little refresh icon just kept spinning. I was trying everything at that point, trying to access with my Iphone, my Amazon Fire tablet, and of course my trusty Lenovo PC. Time was flying by, it was already 12:15 and I thought it was game over for Old Moke. But miraculously, I was suddenly able to place an order, the system wanted to reserve 2 of them for me and even though I only wanted 1, I figured "don't queer the deal" by changing ANYTHING at that point. I went through each step, double-checked my entries, and have been rewarded with a nice email from the Mint acknowledging my order. Super excited, I am going to keep one and trade or sell the other. I can't wait to try for the Peace next week. Oh, BTW, I have started my payment plan to become an ANA Life Member, that is going to be about 22 months or so, I just need to avoid kicking any buckets along the way. I hope any of you trying today were equally successful.

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