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14 Apr 2020

Heraldic Art Medals Part 2

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Well true to my nature, I had decided that I would collect the whole series of 1959 Heraldic Art Medals after I received the Hawaii Statehood Medal. I had originally intended to only purchase the Alaska Statehood and the St. Lawrence Seaaway medals to complete the 1959 So-Called Half Dollars, but found this beautiful set on Ebay and HAD, I mean, HAD to have it. I juggled a few things, ignored a few household bills (bye bye Fiat) and I am now the proud owner of this set of three originally sold by Mr. McNamara himself.

The Alaska Medal is the first Mr. McNamara produced and is an exquisite design showing the bust of Mr. Seward, of Seward's Folly fame, on the obverse along with Rampant Polar Bears, Mountains, Trees, and the North Star. The Reverse shows Alaskan Flag flying over a view of what I believe to be Mt McKinley (now officially and rightfully called Denali). As a substitute for the extinct first generation commemorative program, it is superb.

The St. Lawrence Seaway Medal, third in the series of 60, shows two allegorical females holding hands over the Seaway, the one on the left represents Canada and the one on the right represents the United States. A segment of the Seaway is shown between the two Ladies with a ship passing in transit. The reverse depicts trade coming from all over the world to the Seaway and into the interior of the U.S. and Canada, a beautiful sunrise depicting the dawn of a new era.

Mr. McNamara's artistry and genius in preparing these 60 medals amazes me to more I research. There are so many other beautiful medals in the series and they are all relatively inexpensive. In the coming years, this could be my sole focus. I am amazed that my purchase of the book Hawaiian Money and the help of a blogging friend opened up a whole new door of collecting possibilities.



Level 5

The capital plastic set is fantastic. Great addition to your collection. Indeed, it is nice to see artistic design on medals the way it is supposed to be.


Level 6

Good luck in achieving your goal. Collecting medals is very rewarding.


Level 5

WOW Mokester! Great find and also a great post. I was especially interested in the St. Lawrence Seaway medal since it's very close to where I live. I used to drive by it once a week on my way to Malone, N.Y. I'm taking this as my numismatic history lesson of the week! Thanks again for the post! Charlie

It's Mokie

Level 6

No Problem Charlie, we all inspire each other here and I bet every one of us that frequently blog have been influenced in a new collecting direction by someone's blog. I hope you pursue that St. Lawrence Seaway medal and I hope you enjoy the world of Heraldic Art Medals. They have a fascinating history and a wonderful but almost unknown creator, Robert McNamara. https://www.cointalk.com/threads/heraldic-art-medals.205210/


Level 5

Say, that is a mighty fine holder, equal to the artistry of this fascinating series. I absolutely love it in red! Oh, BTW I think I might have created a monster! lol :) I only wish you the best as you pursue the other Heraldic Art Medals. I look forward to hearing ALL about it as you add them to your collection!

Long Beard

Level 5

I've been looking into these since your last post but regrettably have yet to buy any. Very nice looking commemoratives. I see that some were offered in gold as well, rare and priced accordingly.


Level 6

These are wonderful! I love the holder too! A great addition to your collection ; )


Level 5

Those are so nice. I have never owned any but your blogs are tempting me.


Level 6

Those are definitely beauties. If I remember correctly you favor Lucite and Capitol holders as well. I also feel you be getting the complete set. Good luck my friend on your future purchases. You don't happen to know of a cheap Fiat for sale do you?🐍


Level 7

You are of to a wonderful start of a beautiful set. This is what i love about blogs. Its so obvious its simple. This man is putting a set together most of us have not heard of. Hes sharing his knowlede on a wonderful set and knowing him will complete it. And he has decided to share this journey with us. Thanks. The history and the design simple but everything on it means something. Im looking forward to the next one. Thanks


Level 5

Awesome medals. Now that I am hooked on so called dollars, I will look into finding a couple for myself. Would love to have a couple of McNamara medals. Thank's

It's Mokie

Level 6

You can find amazing additional information about the series here: https://coins.www.collectors-society.com/wcm/CoinCustomSetView.aspx?s=8230

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