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08 Feb 2019

It Seems So Trivial Now

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I joined the ANA back in 1977, shortly after I turned 19. I quit the ANA in 1993 for what now seems like the most trivial of reasons. I think I have mentioned before that I quit ANA in the early 90's due to something I no longer could recall. I knew it had something to do with some marketing idea that I objected too, but the details were limited to that general thought. Well today, while reading the Red Book Guide to United States Commemorative Coins, By Mr. David Bowers, I found a passage that revealed the exact reason for my ANA exit.

According to the Press Release:
"The American Numismatic Association & The James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation.
This is a limited edition, serially numbered 1993 Bill of Rights Uncirculated Silver Half Dollar. Each coin features special edge-lettering by an authorized independent mint.
A portion of the reeding on the coin's edge has been delicately shaved away and incused with the coin's unique number and the initials JMMFF and ANA."
At the time this idea was hatched, even Mr. Bowers was quoted as saying "saints as well as scoundrels" have been part of the history of US commemorative coins, and opined that the Freedom Pack issue "goes into the 'scoundrel' category." I agreed with Mr. Bowers and decided I would no longer want to be associated with such a dubious organization. So I left and did not return until 2017.

Time heals all wounds and now, I would actually want to obtain one. Adding it to my Want List. Thank you ANA. and Thank You Red Book Guide for jarring my memory. I still have my Silver and Bronze 15 year membership medals, I only have 14 more years to get new 15 year medals. (:



Level 6

I had one of these at one time. Most dealers had not heard of this coin for the ANA


Level 6

I think we all suffer burn out at some time. I forget the year number, maybe 5 years in. Dave Bowers has written about it. If you make it past that you most likely will stick around. Or, like you, come back. Glad your back. Thanks.


Level 6

I remember this coin. I'm glad you are back.


Level 5

I am glad you are here. I have made my own share of quick decisions that later seemed unwise. Life goes on.

I remember these. Combined with the Madison half dollar being silver (and not clad as most modern halve's are) the edge lettering was a little bonus. I have not, however, ever been able to determine the present market value for one. Does anyone know what they are going for?

Thanks Mokiecan.

It's Mokie

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I saw a seller on EBAY, while researching this little blog, selling them for 39.95.


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I'm glad that you came back. You really write interesting and fun blogs. I look forward to them, I think we all do. It crazy how something seems to matter so much then years later we're like... " What the heck was that all about " haha : )


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A very good and personal story./ Thank you. All of us have left or quit things for reasons we cannot remember or are very trivial now. Blessings.


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We all go through very hard times. Your not alone. By a long shot . But me for one who considered leaving for a good reason listened to my friends. And some would say why leave a hobby you love . I told them no. Now I joined later than you but I'm glad I chose to stay and put up with the changes they said would come some did. I am also glad you returned. I didn't know you then but very happy I know you now. Thanks

It's Mokie

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Mike, funny you should mention leaving the hobby because, with my ANA departure, I also went head first into comic books and related collectibles for the next 10 years. I continued to collect very minimally but 90% of my discretionary income went to the other hobby. I thoroughly enjoyed that time but it was like the Golf Analogy that Gary used on his numismatic journey blog the other day.. Lots of fun but money never to be seen again.

At least you are here now that is all that matters, and it does look like a nice commem piece.

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