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20 Oct 2020

Keeping Fingers Xed

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The largest coin show regularly held in Pennsylvania; the PAN show is on for the last 3 days of October. I will be there but the happiness I feel is tempered by the constant threat of Covid 19 and the fact that cases throughout Pennsylvania are increasing again. If it were just me, I would take my precautions and feel quite confident, but I have a wife, child, and 89-year-old mother that I also have to consider.

Precautions are being taken. A registered nurse will be on site during the whole of the convention and each day, each person entering the center will have to have their temperature checked and will have to fill out a brief form essentially testifying to their health and the health of those they have been in contact with. Dealer tables will be well spaced, mask will be a requirement, and high touch events like the KidZone Cent tables are suspended for this Fall. Of course, the average age of coin show attendees, dealers, and volunteers skews on the high side. I cannot make a good estimate, but I would think the median age is about 60 even with our YN attendance. I also suspect just like 62 year old me, lots of my fellow show participants has some health challenges that increase their risk when compared to a person half that age.

It does weigh on me that I am possibly risking the health of loved ones for a mere hobby. If I did not have actual show responsibilities, I would probably not attend. But I do have responsibilities and I do feel a strong obligation to put aside my fears and make the KidZone as good as possible under the circumstances. So, I am going to hitch up my Big Boy Halloween mask, follow all the safety protocols, take advantage of the hand cleaner stations and do my job. However, this time I will not visit the bourse and treat myself, I will save that money for the PAN spring show, May 2021.



Level 5

Stay safe and good luck!


Level 6

Have a wonderful time and enjoy the show! The kids will love your "KidZone" ; ) Keep your mask on and stay safe ; )


Level 5

Yes, Covid sucks. Hope you enjoy the show! Stay safe. Cheers, NM

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I'm wishing you well! Health and safety!


Level 5

Mokie, I used to like you...you have all your hair. I am so envious! Enjoy the show and let us know how it went. Yea the masks make my glasses fog up as well, hate it, but wear em. Enjoy and get us some Coin show feedback, Later!

Long Beard

Level 5

I love coin shows. However, this is the first time I'm elated at going and can not wait! Probably because I never realized how much I would miss them if they ever ceased.


Level 5

I'm glad the show is proceeding but I will not be able to attend. There is too much other stuff going on. We are planning our Indiana state show in December so let us know how yours goes and if you have any suggestions.


Level 5

Not going to this show, but hope to see you at the spring show. Let us know what happens and update us on the show !

It's Mokie

Level 6

Will Do!!!


Level 5

I have an idea that could give you an extra layer of protection. I went to the pharmacy today to pick up a prescription for my wife and the nurse at the clinic door had a plastic face shield in addition to her mouth and nose mask. Responsibilities aside, follow your gut, nothing you do at PAN is more important than your family. Speaking of PAN, I got a postcard today for the show but I have not received my October copy of The Clarion yet, grrrrrh (gnashing of teeth). Good news though, my ANA medal is shipping today!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Yay, glad your medal is finally on its way and hopefully your Clarion is also pony expressing its way to the upper midwest. I think your face shield idea is a good one, someone else also suggested that to maximize safety. But man, my glasses are going to be constantly foggy.


Level 6

Sounds like you have and are doing all you can to make it as safe as possible. Have fun. Thanks for the Kids zone...

Sounds great! Let us know if you find anything interesting. Hopefully everything goes well and no one gets sick.


Level 7

You look your age with that one!! I'm glad your going .I would love to be there and talk to someone instead of the site. I know the kids will enjoy it. As long as it's done right. There are some.whose I would not risk my life for a coin. . But I know you did your homework.. By the way my birthday passed.. Haha. Enjoy the show.and tell us all about it. I know there is a piece there that will tap your wallet. I say go for it.


Level 6

Enjoy the show.

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