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07 Oct 2022

October PAN Show Is Nigh

| It's Mokie

I am so thrilled October has come, Autumn is my favorite season and this October has proven to be perfect here in the Pittsburgh PA area. One of the things I am looking forward to is the upcoming Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists (PAN) Fall show in Lovely Monroeville PA. I have decided to help facilitate the KidZone again so will be scrambling all day Saturday (20 October) making sure all goes smoothly for the YNs that visit our table. The Auction Lots are set, the T-Shirts and Coin Folders are on the way and it is going to be a glorious day. I will also be providing a presentation for newbies at 1 PM, kind of a Numismatics for Dummies without the stigma. I have presented it already to two groups of experienced collectors so I can get their feedback and make it truly useful. So without further ado, here are 10 reasons you NEED to visit the PAN Fall Show (18-20 October) this year.

1. 1. October is the perfect month to visit the Monroeville Mall, it is a short walk away from our convention venue and it is the place where George Romero’s Dawn Of The Dead was filmed. Talk about spooky, that is as spooky is it gets.

2. 2. The PAN show is now in the Big Hall and we have close to 200 dealers on hand to tempt you with their wears.

3. 3. We will have Ben Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and General William Tecumseh Sherman appearing for education presentations and photo ops.

4. 4. We have an excellent exhibit area managed by the legendary Tom Corey.

5. 5. We have a silent auction with items for every tase managed by the equally legendary Mike Drabick.

6. 6. We have an excellent KidZone, tables groaning with free Lincoln Wheaties, Halloween themed goodie bags, a free 50 Lot KidZone auction, and lots of free swag. Bring your younger than 18 YNs to the table for much enjoyment. Managed by the merely adequate Malcolm Johnson.

7. 7. We have a vendor selling all sorts of supplies, folders, albums, and anything else you might need to protect your precious purchases.

8. 8. ANACS will be there to take your coins for slabbing. They are offering a special, 14 U.S. coins for $140. I plan on bringing my many unslabbed first generation commemoratives to the table.

9. 9. If you are coming from outside the Pittsburgh area, the convention hotel is right across from the convention center and they have special rates for attendees. Check it out on pancoins.org.

1 10. Finally, plenty of free parking, free admission, and door prizes, what more can you want?

I will be at or around the KidZone table for a few hours on Thursday and all day Saturday, stop by and say YO?



Level 4

Sounds like TONS of fun!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I'm very excited to come and meet you and Longbeard! My goal is to get an 1872 two cent coin in xf to au grades. Anything else I get beyond that is toppings on the cake! We are going to see the Penguins vs L.A.Kings Thursday evening, and then in addition to the shows are the mattress factory. Museum and the science museum. It has one of two Tench class submarines left in existence. The other is in the Baltimore harbor. Please let us know about the great places to eat!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Thanks so much Mike. See you in a couple of weeks

It's Mokie

Level 6

That USS Requin at the Carnegie Science Center is mega cool, just hard to believe a crew of grown men could survive in those cramped spaces for weeks and months. The little kitchen and dining area is especially cool. You're going to enjoy, but make sure you head to the sub exit right away to reserve you time. I would highly recommend Primanti's in the Strip District, which is just down from the Convention Center where the World's Fair of Money will be this coming summer. Primanti's is famous for a very uniquely Pittsuburgh sandwich, a number of styles all including french fries and cole slaw within your thick sliced Italian Bread. The first Hockey Sweater I bought an LA Kings style, all purple with that gold crown, Weird for a Pittsburgh Kid. If you like Japanese food, the best restaurant in Pittsburgh is Kiku's in Station Square, just across the river from Downtown via the Smithfield Street Bridge or by T-Line (Trolley) station square stop. https://www.kikupittsburgh.net/ https://primantibros.com/


Level 5

The PAN show looks like it's going to be fun. I really wish I could come.


Level 6

It sounds more than tempting! I wish I could attend. Have a wonderful time and a great show! Happy Autumn! ; )


Level 6

Thanks Cuz M. I wish I could be there. I hope you do well.

Long Beard

Level 5

PAN is a top notch organization and the dealers, many are bi-annual repeaters, have nearly anything you could desire. At the spring 2021 show I not only saw for sale, but held, a 1915 Panama-Pacific octagonal $50. Albeit encapsulated by PCGS and more for than I bought my house . Just one of the many things few other shows offer. Myself, I enjoy checking in with John Frost President of the Barber Coin Collector's Society (BCCS) of which I'm a humble member.


Level 7

From what I herd its one of the top shows around. Unfortunately I can't make it because of Injuries. I do have it on my bucket list. I will make it there and meet everyone from the ANA. And pick up a few coins. . But meeting Lincoln,George and Ben would be a highlight!!Thanks for Bringing it up!!

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