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08 Aug 2020

On Settling

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One of the great joys of numismatics is seeking out a coin or coins, a set perhaps, and finally acquiring that prize, that last piece that fills that final hole. Some sets are relatively easy. Franklin Half Dollars, Jefferson Nickels, Roosevelt Dimes,come to mind. These basic sets are all relatively inexpensive to complete and yet still bring one a sense of accomplishment when done. Most sets have keys though, keys are those certain coins that are going to either stretch your budget to uncomfortable levels or are simply going to remain unattainable.

When I collect a set, I try to make the coins in the set approximately the same grade for eye appeal. For most older sets, that grading standard is fine/very fine. At that grade level, most coins are still relatively plentiful and are certainly much less expensive than Mint State or AU coins. When I started working on my Mercury Dime set, I tried to adhere to that standard for all the coins up through 1939 but found there was one coin that I was never going to be able to afford at that grade level. That would be the 1916-D. I had to complete this set, it is one of my two favorite American coins. So I compromised.

Pictured here is my 1916-D dime, a details About Good. She has been through a lot over the years, but she is mine, she is affordable, and she is the final piece I needed to complete my collection. What are Your compromise coins???



Level 5

Mokie, nice coin, and I'm not ashamed to own a nice looking details coin when it's financially necessary to buy it. I can think of couple of coins in my collection that I have done this. I chuckle to myself when someone lays out a large chunk of dough at auction for the same coin I own, albeit not the same grade. I have a Mercury dime set similar to yours and my 1916-D is an AG-3. However, I cheated by not buying the overdates and strictly sticking to the date and mint.


Level 4

Lovely coin! I think the stretch for me will be when I decide to buy a 1909-S VDB Wheatie or the 1877 Indian Head. The price tags on those coins are insane, but a collection isn’t complete without them!


Level 6

I, long ago, bought a nice details one dollar gold coin. I like odd denominations in coins. True we have many silver and fake gold dollar coins bought this is a little gold coin. I thought it was great. It wasn't even very cheap but a few people here thought I could have bought a non details coin for the same price. They are so wrong. Well I really didn't care what they thought. I love my tiny gold buck. Thanks and nice coin..

Long Beard

Level 5

Being as I'm unexplainably fascinated with the denomination, and for reasons stated, the 1916d is the final coin needed back to the Seated Series. I've looked at few yet "mine" still eludes me. As to the Seated I'm working on it's almost a certainty of not having a 1874cc. My compromise list is long, they involve and include details graded coins of the extremely tough key dates.


Level 7

My compromise coin would be one of my tokens Not just a token but one with a Handel reverse. I do have a comprise coin the 2019 30.000 ASE. Yes that! would be one. But it would have to be for another coin. 1885 V nickel in MS 62..


Level 5

You hit the nail on the head with this post Moke! Since I'm down to 7 coins to complete my Kennedy Half collection, I can identify with your post. I do have a couple of observations. Number 1, what a great looking dime and congrats on getting it for your collection. Number 2, when I first started collecting Kennedys, I obtained what I thought was ALL of the key dates. Now, I find out that "SOMEONE" decided to make the 2016-S Silver , a candidate for my compromise coin! I get that it's a low mintage (400,000) but I certainly did NOT know this when I started my collection! LOL You haven't heard the last from me on this subject! LOL You know what they say; the struggle continues! Congrats again buddy and stay safe, HEALTHY, and coronavirus free!

A coin many people just leave out of the set, I'm glad you got one.


Level 6

At least you have a 16-D. I have a 1932-S quarter out of place.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

That was one of my compromise coins too. I haven't paid attention to matching grades to keep an aesthetic in mind. Its a great idea though, I'll have to consider it in the future. I did get that 1916 D Mercury. I got one in Fair condition slabbed. Had to pay for it in 3 installments. Ouch!! But I finished that collection. I'm working on finishing my Franklins. I like those and have three to go. Lots of Morgans to go but I have a fairly nice set of Peace dollars. I'd like to have a set of Walking Liberty and Standing Liberty coins, I got a loooong way to go to do those sets. But, I have the time and inclination!


Level 5

That's a coin would be happy to own. My Mercury dime set is still missing one.


Level 5

Great coin ! They can be expensive in any grade. Coins with low mintages can get expensive in higher grades. I think the lower grade coins are great values. You have a rare coin with a low mintage. Only so many were made and you have one. You have me looking at them now. I have a couple lower grade 12-s liberty nickel and would like the 1885,1886 in lower grades. I would like any large cent 1797 or before 1800 in a low grade, just to have one that old. Not sure they are compromise coins, but just having a coin that old would be great.

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