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15 Jan 2021

Time to Travel

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I was wandering aimlessly around ebay offerings a couple of weeks ago and ran across someone selling 13 world banknotes for $7.70, including shipping. Being a person that always enjoys a perceived bargain, I decided to invest my hard earned ebay bucks and a couple of additional dollars to find out what kind of assortment I would get. The envelope came yesterday, and it did not disappoint. The bills are all crispy, the seven countries were interesting, especially North Korea, and the designs are pleasing. Here are the countries and denominations I received. I think I am going to buy another lot of foreign currency very soon. I picked 1 bill per country to illustrate the riches.

Peoples Republic of China: 5 Fen and 5 Wu Jiao

North Korea: 200 Won and 5000 Won

Egypt: 25 Piastres, 50 Piastres, and 1 Pound

Myanmar (Burma): 50 Kyats

Venezuela: 5 Bolivares (1989), 5 Bolivares (2018), and 10 Bolivares

Cambodia: 100 Riels

Uzbekistan: 500 Cym

What have you picked up lately?



Level 6

These are wonderful! I love to look at currency from foreign countries. They are usually so colorful! The Fu Dogs are cool! My latest get is a 2021 1 oz. Silver Britannia ; )


Level 5

It's always fun to but lots like this. I enjoy purchasing world coins by the pound and sorting through them. It provides days of cheap fun.


Level 6

Nice notes Mokie. I like the Venezuela and the Foo Dogs. My latest purchase was three, count them three, Mexican silver Libertas I got at slightly over spot and an error SAE, struck through. Nice notes. I enjoy foreign currency as well as MPC's. Thanks.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Now here is a strange coincidence! Yesterday, my mom gave me the same Venezuelan bank note that you got yesterday, The 5 Bolivares. Who would have thunk??


Level 4

Those are beautiful notes! Just yesterday I got a 1860 Indian Head Cent on Ebay for 6 bucks. It was a coin I needed for my set and is just a nice coin overall. I don't collect paper money but I love your colllection. All mine are in not so great condition.


Level 5

Nice bills!


Level 5

Didn't see you as I wander Ebay aimlessly also. I always look for perceived bargains also. Those are nice notes, and I may of purchased them also. I wander the medal sections a lot looking for what is interesting in my mind anyway. I have a few medals from years ago. Most recently a medal to commemorate a mans 60 years of service to a company. It was only 10 dollars. What the heck. Impulse buy.


Level 7

I love the color on them. You have a nice collection. Your eyes were always sharp!!

North Korean notes look quite like the banknotes in the era of the soviet union. These are excellent!


Level 5

Nice, I have only the odd Bill I picked up while living abroad and travelling when I was younger, none as nice as the pieces you picked up.


Level 5

Nice pickups! I haven't gotten anything lately, because of the big haul I had on Christmas. My latest purchase is a civil war token. I have a few world bills that was given to me, but I don't have a very good understanding of them nor do I collect them. Thanks for the update!

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