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03 Apr 2019

Preserving the "W" Mint Marked Cent in the 2019 Proof Set

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The current year's proof set contains a "bonus", a "W" mint-marked cent. This cent is packaged separately in a poly bag with a mint generated label. My question is what is the best way to preserve this piece as part of the set. Not only is a soft poly bag likely to have various polymers which will attack the coin, the thin copper plating applied over today's zinc cents is already becoming notorious for the speed in which it breaks down and corrodes.
That said, what is the best way to preserve this coin and its mint-issued poly bag? Some sort of slab with the coin removed but the poly bag protected? Or just trash the bag and slab the coin? But what about the corrosion problem of the newer cents? Is a slab the answer or something else?
Suggestions appreciated.




Level 7

I was just looking thru some cents. I weigh them just in case I missed something. . I found a 1982 cent that weighed in at 2.5 grams. I said that's odd. So I looked it up in the red book. That's when I learned something . The West Point mint made cents starting in 1982. They didn't put a mint mark on them and put them out in with the Philadelphia Mint. It went on for a few years. I was just so surprised there in great shape. Sometimes we forget and lean all over again. Thanks. Pat


Level 6

I like a hard plastic coin holder without getting it graded. It would protect the coin without the cost of sending it in.


Level 4

I put mine in an Amos Cent Slab.


Level 6

Do they still make Capital plastic holders? Those are very good.

Air-tite, or a hard non-PVC plastic holder.


Level 4

I would put it in a hard plastic cent holder.


Level 7

Be careful if there are brown marks on the obverse or scratches from the packing. I have been on the phone. The mint will try with the next two to seal them in the envelope. There was a gentleman selling them on t.v.I don't buy on t.v.I was changing chanels. He said we only have 69. A handful because of the marks. There brown. He said we also got 63 to 65. This is all due to the packaging that's why 70 are selling high. He said the bag is safe leave it in the bag in the envelope. I was shocked when I got mine. The two brown marks and scratches because it came out of the envelope. I would get an air tight and ask the dealer what he thinks. Lots of luck I hope your one of the lucky ones. Pat

It's Mokie

Level 6

I would just buy a hard plastic cent holder and be done with any fear of damage caused by the plastic body bag.


Level 5

You could save the cent from the mint if you are sure that the bag is the soft plastic. I would have thought the mint used a harder plastic like that of flips or the 2x2's. You might want to check-up on that. Or... you can have someone else (dealers with bulk-rate grading) to pay for the slabbing, wait for the dust to settle, and buy it cheaper than what it would cost for you to do it as a collector. For my money, I'd wait for all the flippers to pay for the slabbing and the price to come down a bit especially on the MS-69's. Most all dealers who get these slabbed get them done at bulk rates. Then they sell the MS-70's at sky high prices for all the registry people. The 69's then are sold at bargain basement prices. In some instances I have seen MS-69's selling for less than the mint issue cost.


Level 6

I like the do it your self slabs from Amos Press (Coin World) I don't know if having a grading service slab it, would be cost effective.

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