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03 Dec 2016

Females on money

| Conan Barbarian

this blog is my opinion. I am open minded to any other opinions that people may have and you are free to ask any question on the topic as you please.

There is a new idea going around trying to persuade the government to start printing paper money with a female or minority figure on it (by minority people they mean black). I agree with the people that say that there should be a new design on at least one of the dollar bills (paper money) and there should be another variety introduced. But there are those that claim that women and minorities have not been portrayed on U.S. currency like white males are. 

Most of these articles are talking about equal presentation on paper money but lets first look at the history of US coins. For the fist half of the United States coin history (1792-1910's and even into the late 40's) lady liberty has been the dominant face on all denominations (pennies, three-cent, nickels, half dime, dime, twenty cent, quarter, half dollar, silver and gold dollar, quarter eagle, half eagle, eagle, and double eagle) and even in modern times Susan B. Anthony was on the dollar coin, Sacagawea on the golden dollar, and in recent years women received their own series, First Lady set. 

On top of that minorities were also portrayed on U.S. coins such as the Indian head penny, buffalo nickel, and quarter eagle. If you don't consider native Americans a minority or oppressed people do some research but i do think that the united states should mint coins for circulation that include other ethnic backgrounds and  cultures.

Back to paper money, women have been portrayed for very minuet periods of time (such as George Washington's wife) but there is definitely a need for more. One can not just make the argument that there has been a lack of diversity in the currency instead one must look at it through the perspective of, that there are other people that have achieved great feats and led progressive groups throughout american history and we must make their story known through every day objects. We must not single out a group to choose from (gender or ethnicity) instead look at their achievements and impact on american history.



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First go back to George Washington's stance that Presidential images should never be the central point of any currency. Lady Liberty has been on coins since before Christ and that is a good thing for people of all races to admire (freedom, peace, prosperity, etc.). We cannot keep idolizing people or the debate will never end. Idolize the right of freedom, truth, peace and prosperity!


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If we are to have other than idealized images on our coins and paper money, they should be of a representative cross section of our population. They should also be worthy of recognition based on their contributions to America. For instance, I have no problem with Harriet Tubman on the $10 bill. I have a collection of world-wide coins entitled "Inspirational Ladies". Follow this link to view the entire set: https://coins.www.collectors-society.com/WCM/CoinCustomSetView.aspx?s=940

Conan Barbarian

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thanks for sharing your opinions


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Definitely time for some nice new coins and currency. Like when St. Gaudins was hired on. Trouble is, you are going to be called all kinds of 'ists and 'phobes no matter what you suggest. People are scared to say anything. Damn shame we can't have debate without "Safe Spots" and other such B.S.. Just my opinion. I could be wrong! Thanks!!


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Enjoyed your thoughts!


Level 7

Great blog some very good points. Yes it's time for a change its overdue! Mike

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