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01 Sep 2019

Draped Bust Cent

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Draped Bust large cent was minted from 1796-1807 at the Philadelphia mint. There were not many coins made but there were many varieties. There were only 16,069,270 coins made. The coin was designed by Robert Scot. Its composition is mostly copper. The diameter is 29mm, and the weight is 168 grains(10.89 grams). The obverse has a bust of Liberty on the front. The bust of liberty has loose clothing on it, hence the name Draped Bust large cent. Draped Bust large cent was only minted at the Philadelphia mint meaning that there was no need for a mint mark on the coin. There are some years having 16 stars and some with only 13 stars. On the reverse of the 1795-1807 Draped Bust is the words “One Cent” inside of a civic wreath. Outside of the wreath is the words “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.”

Most of the Draped Bust large cents found are graded in the categories Good to Very Fine. Extremely Fine and About Uncirculated a rare to find with Uncirculated extremely rare. Many people buy in the category of Extremely Fine to About Uncirculated. Most coins can be found off centered because of the carelessness of mint workers.

The coins a very lightly struck meaning that the details a very light and not definite. The first re-struck date was made in 1798 and was over 1797. 1799 is one of the “key dates” because of its rarity. There are two types of the 1799 Draped Bust large cent. These would be the normal date and the 1799 over 1798. The 1801 “three errors” reverse included the fraction 1/1000, the U in UNITED is made with two I’s, and a wreath with just one stem. There is another 1801 error that has the fraction error 1/000. 1804 is yet another on of the “key dates” of the Draped Bust large cent. The last large error is the 1807 large cent. This coin is called the “Comet” error. This error is caused by a long break in the die, causing an area behind Liberty’s head to appear like it has a comet in the sky. Mint State coins are very rare and exclusive. Coins are mostly collected for type set books and are collected in mostly raw form. However, high grade coins are also collected. Most collectors collect the coin in XF to F grades.

This coin is widely collected by numismatics mostly for type set books. Even the 1797 Draped Bust large cent which is a widely hoarded year has been distributed to collectors. Overall, this coin is very beautiful and is very widely collected by all numismatics.



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Good info! How about a photo. ; )


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I have to agree with lonstrider.. Bibliography. We might want to know we're you got this.


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Cool! I always liked the coinage with busts of liberty on them! It seems that you like Large cent's, as you're last 3 blogs are on them!

Thanks for the information, could you possibly provide a bibliography?


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What I said on your previous blog..

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