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24 Jul 2014

Up Next: Shameless Self-Promotion

World's Fair of Money | VKurtB

Okay, let the shameless self-promotion of Money Talks at Rosemont commence! If the slide above from my Apple Keynote presentation hasn't piqued your curiosity, well then, I don't know where to go with that, to quote a hamster with Andrew Dice Clay's voice. Saturday morning, August 9, 9AM, Room 5. Among other topics, learn about a new kinder gentler coin dip, ripped from the pages of Kodak's Encyclopedia of Practical Photography. Two hints: one of the key ingredients is available at your grocery store, and the stuff was never meant as a coin dip, but it works that way better than the commercial varieties. Curious? You should be. Don't imbibe so heavily at the banquet and be there at 9. I promise fireworks at the end of my presentation .... honest!

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