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21 Oct 2020

the 1943 bronze cent

Coins-United States | walking liberty

It has been suggested that they are unauthorized pieces made by mint employees. Another possibility is that bronze planchets were left in a hopper or cart that later was filed with steel planchets for the 1943 cents, and when the blanks were dumped into the machinery the copper ones went along. But the most likely and accepted story was that some bronze blanks had gone too far into the machinery to be retrieved at the end of 1942. When the works started up in 1943 these were struck first and escaped into circulation through normal channels. Most 1943 copper cents are fake. Estimates show around 8 to 10 real ones were made. copper-plated steel cents have been popular since 1943 when they were found. Professional magicians used them in tricks to fool their audience. But what if you find or are offered a 1943 copper cent? First, you want to keep it quiet and look into how to tell if one is fake or real. If it's fake then take it into a coin shop and have them stamp it as fake. If you suspect it is real then take it into a coin shop and have them give their opinion and if they say it is real send it off to be graded by NGC or PCGS. But don't waste your time hunting for one to little exist in the world. (unless we are talking about fakes then there are tons of them in the world.)



Level 5

Sorry, this is one of those blogs I missed when I went inactive a few weeks. Very interesting topic, thanks for sharing!

walking liberty

Level 4

No worries every one misses stuff.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Depending on the behavior of the person trying to sell it, I might contact the proper authorities. If they try to pass one and they aren't shocked ad ready to do the next right thing. They may be passing on more.

A simple magnet test works most of the time. If only...


Level 3

Well, the 43 Bronzies sure are rare lol. One of the kings of American error coin basically! Anyways, thanks for the blog! Sincerely, CoinsInHK or Theo


Level 6

It would be great to have one ; ) I agree "Never give up"!


Level 5

Point well taken WL ! Great post ! Keep up the good work.


Level 5

I have a 1943 that must be copper plated. Think I found it in circulation? If I had the money, i would buy one for sure.

walking liberty

Level 4

look at the VDB on the left-hand shoulder if it is blurred it is plated if it is in the planchet solidly then it might be real or a really good fake


Level 5

Never Give Up! Never Surrender! Ok, Ok, one of my favorite movies. I think you are dead on with your logic WL. That is what I have surmised myself. Excellent comments, thanks for the photo. Later!


Level 6

You crushed the hopes of a lot of people by telling them the truth. Good luck. Never Give Up.


Level 7

I would still like to have one. I mean now I know how it happened but that's one on my wish list!! Thanks.


Level 5

Great blog! I wish I would happen to stumble across one of these haha! Hope to hear more from you! Cheers, NM

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