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29 Jan 2021

your guys viewpoint

| walking liberty

Hello people! most of you might have seen my 1964 peace dollar post but after I posted it I got thinking.."what do you want me to make posts about"? so tell me what coins I should research and write about because I would like to do things differently for once. i will start writing and researching on Monday so it will give you a little while to think. The picture belongs to me but feel free to use it. WL



Level 4

Well I'd say since you clearly like your photo (great shot!) and my degree happens to be in Commercial Photograpy...how about a coin that has the Moon & sky on it?! Unless that's the Sun...then pick one with the Sun instead :-)


Level 6

Coins that you own or an area of Numismatics that interests you. ; )

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I'll look forward to seeing them!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Write about the coin(s) that stir your soul. Maybe its a foreign coin that speaks to your heritage. Maybe its a coin that was gifted to you by a special person. Maybe its a coin that has had a hard life and has ended up in your hands as its guardian. But write with passion and write with purpose.


Level 5

I resemble ALL of the above remarks WL....It's why I read the blogs, to learn about other collectors collections! I do like the picture...made me want to immediately start "howling" for sure... :-))


Level 7

Write about coins you own. How you got them the history of them. Only you can decide what to write about. What you like not what others like.. be your own collector. Pick your coins. That's what makes.a.collector.


Level 5

Ditto the above, pick a coin or series that means something to you personally. Later!


Level 5

Ditto @ Numismaster Shoot for a 400 word blog, and do plenty of research on the topic. The main goal is to add in some facts that some of us didn't know before. Good luck!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Write about a coin , or symbol on a coin. Pick a designer, an engraver or coiner. and tell us his history. Tell us about the metal of the coinage why was it selected. Tell us the history of why this coin in this time, but no longer. Any of these ideas or similar ones are always interesting to see and make for blogs where you do the research, learn and come back to educate us so we learn.


Level 5

Great idea ! Doing blogs on coins or numismatic material you own is good. I would like to see more foreign coin blogs, or coins that have been discontinued or experimental coins that never made it into circulation. Maybe medals and who the medal honors and why it was made? The possibilities are endless with numismatics !


Level 5

Nice picture! Um, I would recommend you going through your collection, pick and interesting coin, and do loads of research. Write a good 400 words on each coin (or combine coins into one blog to total 400 words) and share! That way you can get your $YN too!

walking liberty

Level 4

i could do that next weekend!

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