30 Mar 2016

Coin Roll Hunting

Coins | Young Numismetals Collector

Hey coin roll hunters out there! 

Do any of you like to coin roll hunt? Well, I like to "hunt" as one of my side hobbies. What is your best finds of coin roll hunting? Comment in the section below please. My best find was:

Cents: 1899 Indian Head Cent

Nickels: 1902 V Nickel

Dimes: 1926 Mercury Dime

Quarter: 1952 S Washington Quarter

Half: 1963 PROOF Ben Franklin Half 

Dollar: 1901 O Morgan Dollar from a coinstar machine 

Thanks for checking out my post and feel free to comment your best finds. 

See you soon- Young Numismetals Collector



Level 6

Good coins can still be found in rolls. I've found many 90% and 40% silver Kennedy halves, and a 1987-D half dollar. Also a proof Sac dollar. I know someone who found a 1970-D half.


Level 7

Nice finds! That's one of the most fun you can have in this hobby. Many a valuable coin has been found hunting rolls of coins. It's one of the best ways to pass the time. Looking not only for valuable coins,but also double dies mistakes from the mint,missing mint marks. There are so many things to look for you. Keep up the good work and enjoy it!mike


Level 2

My best roll finds are a 2009D nickel and a 1964 quarter. I use the rolls mostly to assemble series collections. I have the Jefferson nickel series up through 2015, and I've been assembling a Washington quarter series collection.


Level 6

Coin roll hunting is great fun! My best find was a 1909 VDB Wheat Cent that I got for change at a local convenience store...sadly it didn't have an "S' on it....haha : ) I have found lots of foreign money as well in rolls.

Very nice Kepi! Too bad there were no S on that coin...


Level 5

Looka like ypu have great finds! I dont do it much cause my parents cant take me to the bank a lot so ive only done it about 5 times. My bezt finds were just average wheat pennies and a 1941 nickel

Keep on hunting!


Level 5

A two-headed nickel. A well done fake, but a great conversation piece.

That's really cool! Thanks for sharing!

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