02 May 2016

Half Dollars

Coins | Young Numismetals Collector

Hi guys,

So I recently found the fun of coin roll hunting. I've tried all the denominations but the half dollars, because of this guilty voice in my mind. Would it be making the bank do dirty work scraping up the half dollars? Would it be annoying to ask them to do extra work just for my hobby? Please tell me. I am torn between the opinions.





Level 4

Yeah, If you are a customer, as long as they have them, it really should not be too much of a deal - Good luck & have fun!


Level 7

Try Wells Fargo a lot of collectors go there . There very cooperative with rolls And the banks have them rolled already. My wife always gets a box and there all rolled. They come from the Federal Resrve.


Level 6

They should give you what you ask for, since you're the customer. Many times I've seen or heard of silver coins showing up in a roll of half dollars. Good luck.


Level 7

I forgot to mention you might have more luck at a savings bank than a commercial bank. A commercial bank will probably want to know if you have account there.Mike.


Level 5

The banks are there to serve its customers needs. Take advantage of it! Enjoy the hunt!


Level 6

They would probably have to order them. I know my bank doesn't have them in stock.


Level 7

They might have them or they won't. If they have them there's no problem. Sometimes if my wife ask for a brick of Penny's or halves or quarters if they have enough no problem. Sometimes they have to order them. Don't worry about anything all they can say is no or yes. It's that easy. Lots of luck. Mike


Level 4

They might have rolls of Halves, or not mind it, there a bank, it's their job to get people money.

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