30 Mar 2016

New To ANA

| Young Numismetals Collector

Hey guys! I need help!

So I'm new to ANA and I'm a 11 year old YN. My name shows as user_4554, but is there a way to change that to a cooler name? Please help me out here. Thanks!



Level 7

I'm kind of late but welcome. If you need any help just ask I would be happy to help. Mike


Level 6

Welcome to the ANA. You will find a ton of help and friendship here.


Level 5

Welcome to the ANA! I became a member of the Association two years ago when I was 11 ,too! I hope you will learn much about coins from this website and the great people here!


Level 5

Welcome to the ANA. A great place to learn and share everything Numismatic!


Level 6

Welcome! Lots of fun, great people and information on this site! Enjoy! : )

Thank you Kepi!


Level 5

Hello and welcome! Feel free to message/email me with any questions/concerns you have regarding any of the ANA's YN programs. There are many great resources on this website to help you, and among the best of them are your fellow YN's - people like Kellen are a phenomenal resource for all of us, not just YN's! -Sam Gelberd, ANA Numismatic Educator (sgelberd@money.org)

Thank you Sam!


Level 5

Here is how to change your name: On the yellow taskbar, hover over My ANA. Then, click on My Privacy Settings. On this page, under Display Name, change your profile name to whatever you want. Then, make sure to also change your slug to the same thing as your profile name. On this page, you can also change your profile picture. Welcome!


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