08 Oct 2016

Please help me Identify these Tokens/Medals!!!

Medals | Young Numismetals Collector

Please let me know the country of origin, what it's called, why it was made, the value, and other information. The pieces in question are shown in the video. Please help me out.Thanks so much!!!




Level 6

You need reference books to help you identify coins.


Level 4

Yeah, I would buy the reference books, that way you have the information forever, you can buy updated versions as time goes by & you may end up an expert of sorts


Level 7

Books are the answer. Otherwise we would have no books just the net. And there not updated on a regular basism

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

try google type in some of the words that are on the medal and try to find similar looking medals


Level 7

You have to buy some reference books. Or take them out of the library. Not everyone can identify all the coins. Or ask the dealer or sales person what they know.


Level 5

Hmm ... interesting bag of tokens, medals and exonumia. Not familiar with them. Good luck.

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