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I'll start with an iconic one:Houck's Panacea, Baltimore, MD.  Counterstamp on an 1834 O-102 Bust Half Dollar.  Brunk H-779, HT-141.  Choice Very Fine with pleasant…

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If you like Hard Times Tokens, post one here!  I'll start.  Here is one of my favorites -- and my current avatar:1838, HT-83, Beehive, Brass,…

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I stumbled onto these medals by going to the Texas Renaissance Festival in Plantersville, Texas all the way back in 1974. In 1991 and again…

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I would like to get a camera for ebay coin listings for under $100. Reccomendations? I know nothing about cameras.

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Do you collect ANA Badges and Medals? If so, how…


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I had a pretty good write-up for these... but the…


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I have yet to find an easy online part of…


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Sleuthful numismatists: I'm an archaeologist in Seward Alaska and recently I…


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I see there are a few 2017 Trump unofficial inaugural…


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Excellent choice tokens on sale https://coinsberg.com/search/?q=token


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After almost seventy years out of public eye, the medals…


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Wondering if there are any collectors of actual (meaning physical,…

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