Factory Chits and Tool Checks

The Teamsters pinback was meant to worn on your cap or shirt pocket to show that you paid your dues for the month.  When you click on the picture, you will another from the UAW, the United Auto Workers. It served the same purpose.

The tool checks were issued to keep track of equipment that was borrowed from the tool crib. You were given your tool checks when you were hired. If you needed something that you did not have, a precision instrument, or even a common wrench, you gave the person at the tool crib your check. They hung up where the tool went. That way they know who has what checked out. 

Along with the Ford Motor Company Rouge River Complex, you will see checks from Parker Steel, and General Electric's Mazda Lamp factory.  (Thousands of years before the Japanese car company, Ahura Mazda was the god of light to the ancient Persians.)

6 years ago
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