Pennsylvania Bicentennial Medal

There was an article in my club publication, The Clarion, about the circumstances surrounding a young collector acquiring a bronze Pennsylvania Bicentennial medal in 1976.  The article author let us know that in 1976, you could attain a free medal by visiting 5 of the 13 designated regions in Pennsylvania.  I thought the article was great so I had to obtain my own. 

The obverse depicts one of Washington's troops warming his hands over a fire on a cold Pennsylvania day, the reverse show our Pennsylvania Coat of Arms.  I think it's very attractive. 

2 years ago

Always liked that obverse design. one of the best of the 76' bicentennials. 

2 years ago

No doubt Philadelphia. Wins hand down. Absoultly beautiful. Som e of the designs i havebseen have been really good. I would ask the mint to consider making this and donating some of thebprofits to the cluba that have the best. Lets go Philadelphia.!!

2 years ago
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