Random Trivia

Hey everyone. This is kind of random, so I posted it under exo-numia. 
Did you know that the Bass family of Texas (Harry Bass of Numismatic Fame) had a role in turning DisneyWorld into what it is today?
The Disney Company had Bass, a rich oil magnate, invest in the company. Several years later, with Bass's money (not to mention some of those coins as collateral) Disney Opened Disney: Hollywood Studios.
Think about that the next time you crack out your credit card for a Disney Vacation. 

1 year ago

Did not know that history. We went to DisneyWorld Orlando 3 Decembers ago and stayed at the Animation resort. Had a great time. Park was crowded and lines long sometimes. Would go back again. We went to all the parks in one week, including Universal Studios.  Animal Kingdom was really nice. Enjoyed the Avatar area and ride.

1 year ago

Disney is way too woke. Won't be spending money there even though it is a most fabulous place.

1 year ago

Agree Bama. Can't just leave it like it was intended, for those to dream.

1 year ago
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