Biggest Scam in The Hobby today

My friends beware. There is  snake oil salesman selling Morgan and Peace dollars.They are reverse proof . The seller is Mike Muzak. When the mint said they could not make a 2020 Morgan and Peace set he went to Fiji. And had A reverse proof set made. The problem. No were on the coin does it say The United States of America. Not on the obverse or reverse. Two months ago he said these will sell out in one showing. Haha. On the reverse Fiji has there country's crest. They are not I repeat not legal tender. He stopped beating that after I told him to read the laws on legal tender. I tried to get a picture from the T.V. but there not showing the coins long enough. He has never said that these coins do not say The United States of America.P.C.G.S. refused to grade them. N.G.C. did a very few. A.N.A.C.S  graded them.We have yet in this two months to see a 69!!  He ordered 5000. And yells Fiji to the rescue. I sent a message to the mint telling them to tape the show and cut his allotments for next year in anything The reverse has Fiji accord the top. They and him make men sick. collectors are not buying them. I suggest anyone who wants to sell you one buy it for a dollar and melt it!

2 months ago

Update on these novelty coins. That's what I call them. They are not in the red book. That says it all!!He started selling in September and its January and still can't sell these things. Send an email to him!!

26 days ago

Good to know Mike!  A "newby" or "youngen" to collecting may miss the obvious details!

25 days ago

Can you send me a link to where I could see this coin? Me being new I think it would be good to learn about and understand what is going on. 

14 days ago
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