This Year

Are you or your club doing anything special for National Coin Week? My local club is not as active in the community as it could be. (We are rather small, if that is an excuse.)  However, we do meet at a local branch library, and we took advantage of that to work with the librarian. It was pretty easy to leave NCW bookmarks at a reading station near the front door.  

5 years ago

2018 -- We got started right away, takling the book marks to the local libraries that host our club meetings. 

In 2016, we threw ourselves into the Coin Week Quiz and we were granted a consolation prize for correcting the questions.

In 2017, we placed first with several other clubs.

Now, in 2018, we are primed and ready. What we did before and will do now again is to distribute the quiz to all club members. Then, we have just one brief session at a monthly meeting going over the tough ones. Then, those who want to work on this meet on our own at a local restaurant on a Sunday afternoon and over snacks, we hammer out our official responses.

3 years ago
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