Help us update the Numismatic Reference List!

Jake, do you plan to incorporate the list I sent you before this was up?

7 years ago


Yes, I was planning to combine your list with what we came up with here into one master list, probably after World's Fair of Money. 

Even though I still have it, do you want to go ahead and post it here? 

7 years ago

Encyclopedia of U.S. Gold and Silver Commemorative Coins by Walter Breen and Anthony Swiatek is one of my all time favorites!

7 years ago

I have been working on a list of United States Numismatic Literature as a project with another collector over at Coin Community Forums. I tried posting it here, but it is much too large, so I broke it down, yet the posts still won't show. I'd be happy to email it to one of the moderators here for posting, as I believe it would be very helpful. 

7 years ago

Please do! You can email that to me at sherlock@money.org. Thanks! 

7 years ago

For Civil War token collectors, "A Guide Book of Civil War Tokens" by Q. David Bowers. :) Good recently published read.

7 years ago

For the Liberty Nickel series, I have this list (in no particular order) 

Fivaz, Bill and Stanton, J.T., Cherrypicker's Guide to Rare Die Varieties Volume I, Whitman Publishing, Atlanta, GA, 2008.

 Peters, Gloria and Mohon, Cynthia, The Complete Guide to Shield and Liberty Head Nickels, DLRC Press, Virginia Beach, VA, 1995.

 Flynn, Kevin and Bill Van Note, Treasure Hunting Liberty Head Nickels, Stanton Publishing, Savannah, GA, 2005.

 Breen, Walter, Walter Breen's Complete Encyclopedia of U.S. and Colonial Coins, F.C.I. Press/Doubleday, New York, 1988.

 Bowers, Q. David, A Guide Book of Shield and Liberty Head Nickels, Whitman Publishing, Atlanta, GA, 2006.

 Montgomery, Paul and Borckardt, Mark and Knight, Ray, Million Dollar Nickels, Zyrus Press, Irvine, CA, 2005.

 Yeoman, R.S and Bressett, Kenneth (editor), A Guide Book of United States Coins (The Red Book), Whitman Publishing, Atlanta, GA, 2005.

 J. Hewitt Judd, M.D., Q. David Bowers (editor), United States Pattern Coins, Whitman Publishing, Atlanta, GA, 2009.

7 years ago

I would say deifinetley the Red Book, Coin Collecting 101 by Alan Herbert, The Everything Guide to Coin Collecting by Richard Giedroyc, and for YN's, Coin Collecting for Kids by Alan Herbert.
 All of these books are great

7 years ago

Q.David Bowers - The Expert's Guide Collecting and Investing in Rare Coins

7 years ago

I have 2 more:

Counterfeit Detection Guide by Bill Fivaz
Top 100 Morgan Dollar Varieties The Vam Keys by Michael S. Fey an Jeff Oxman.

7 years ago
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