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Keying on your phrase of being useful for those just getting started, I can unequivocally recommend David Bowers' "Grading Coins By Photographs". 
The first five chapters hold an incredible amount of wisdom on basic, technical and controversial issues pertaining to grading in general.  Then comes Mr. Bowers' grading savvy with hundreds of high quality images and tricks of the trade, covering every US series.
Taking this book into the field will pay for itself many times over.

6 years ago

Spufford, Peter:  "Money and its use in Medieval Europe"   Cambridge University Press  1988. ISBN  0 521 37590 8.   

I just finished reading it. It is not a numismatic book.  It is an economic history book.   I found it a brilliant background-understanding reference.  Its not cheap but it gives a very solid contextual background

6 years ago

Here is another good one for all.  Good Money, Birmingham Button Makers, the Royal Mint, and the Beginnngs of Modern Coinage, 1775-1821.  The author is George Selgin.

I met him and purchased his book at a Conder Tokens Collectors, Token Congress held in Seattle a few years back.  Not only is it informative, it's a fun read.  

6 years ago

If you started to collect medieval coins this book is great:

Collecting Medieval Coins: A Beginner's Guide, by Paul A. Torongo (2013)

It is no a catalogue of medieval coins, but helps you on your way with what type of medieval coins can be found, where to look for, lettering, conditons, references, etc.

6 years ago

Has anyone put all of these references in list form,  if so could someone please send me a copy of it.


6 years ago

Every red book is a great edition to your library.  These includes (if there is a star next to it take special note-there is something for everyone)
A Guide Book of Half Cents and Large Cents

"                       "  of Lincoln Cents
"                       "  of Barber Silver Coins
"                       "  of Mercury Dimes, Standing Liberty Quarters, and Liberty Walking Half Dollars
"                      " of Morgan Dollars
"                      " of Double Eagle Gold Coins
"                      " of U.S. Type Coins*
"                      "  of Modern U.S. Proof Sets*
"                      "  of Shield and Liberty Head Nickels
"                      " of Flying Eagle and Indian Head Cents
"                      " of Washington and State Quarters
"                      " of Buffalo and Jefferson Nickels
"                      " of U.S. Commemorative Coins*
"                      " of U.S. Tokens and Medals*
"                      " of Gold Dollars
"                      " of Peace Dollars
"                      " of The Official Red Book*
"                      " of Franklin and Kennedy Half Dollars
"                      " of Civil War Tokens*
"                      " of Hard Times Tokens*

If you're looking for information about almost any coin, find the red book about it and you will be satisfied.  Comments are appreciated, so anything you have to say, go ahead!

6 years ago

This place is great!


6 years ago

For ancients

Ancient Coin Collecting (6 volumes) by Wayne G. Sayles. This is the most accessible introduction and overview to this broad area of numismatics. Vol 1. is a general discussion of the ancient world and its moneys. Vol 2. is Greeks; Vol 3. is Romans; Vol 4. is Roman Provincial (what we call the quasi-independent Greek cities of the empire); Vol 5 is Romaion (what everyone wrongly calls "Byzantine"); Vol. 6 is Non-Classical Cultures (Jews, Celts, and others).

Roman Coins and Their Values (5 volumes. Millennial Edition) by David R. Sear.
Greek Coins and their Values (2 volumes) by David R. Sear.
These are the standard works, standing the test of time, and never surpassed by newer scholarship.

Guide to Biblical Coins by David Hendin. Now in its 5th edition, it competes against many older and newer works. However, Hendin remains the recognized authority.

For US Colonial paper:
Early Paper Money of America by Eric P. Newman. Now in its 5th edition.
For US Colonial coins
Colonial and Early U.S. Coins by Q. David Bowers. Never a disappointment, Bowers specifically chose Newman's work as the standard for his own, in order to create a complete compendium in two volumes, covering paper and coins.

For Obsolete America paper:
Pictures from a Distant Country: Seeing America Through Old Paper Money by Richard Doty. "Wildcat" and "obsolete" paper of the early 19th century is usually organized by state. Some of the books are over 50 years old and have not been updates. Doty organized his material by theme: women, work, the rising middle class, slavery, and so on. This large format book is richly illustrated with full sized and over-sized reproductions of the paper of local banks in the decades between 1814 and 1861. As a curator for the Smithsonian, Doty brought American history to life. His untimely passing was a loss to our scholarship and our hobby.

Mike Marotta

6 years ago

For Saint Gauden's Double Eagles...

“Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles as Illustrated by the Phillip H. Morse and Stephen Duckor Collections”

This Brand New Book by Roger Burdette and printed by Heritage Auction's Ivy Press is the MUST HAVE reference on these with loads of info and FINALLY some usable Die Variety info for cherrypicking!  Not cheap at $95, but worth every penny if you love these coins.  

3 years ago

 definitely Pleasure and Profit for the beginner, and intermediate collector.

3 years ago
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