Native American Coin and Currency Set

Hi. Well no sell out for the last Apollo 11 set. Only 50,000 made and two to each household.. Is this a bomb or a sleeper? With only two being sold at a time that leaves the wholesalers out. I believe if there was no limit they would be gone. Still you can order today. For fifteen dollars I said why not. I bought one. I like the coin and the special label NGC is offering. It's up to you as we know we collect what we like. I think it's a great set for the yn's.

2 years ago

I agree..I thought it sell out in minutes. 

2 years ago

They lifted the household from two to as many as you want. So now the whole sellers will step in. I though this would be a good set for the kids. But there not as interested since they weren't born yet. There loss I believe. They complain about price I understand it's hard to have a job at that age. . Fifteen dollars. I thought very good.  

2 years ago
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