1806 Flowing Hair Bust Half Dollar


The 1806 or more properly, the 1805/6 coinage of US half dollars ran into several mintage problems, some of them errors and some of them just issues of the mint economizing its production. To a degree, these various die examples were just sloppiness on the part of the mint. Its a field day for Bust collectors withover 186,000 coins minted and no less than 23 varieties listed in Walter Breems text. I'm am sure there are more today.

1806 Half Dollar Bust with Heraldic Eagle and Shield

When acquiring or collecting these coins, it is most helpful to have an expert in the field as a guild and mentor, and in my case I have a wonderful relationship with David Kahn, one of the premier Bust Half experts in the world. Aside from getting a great flowing hair bust in VF30, this coin has outstanding providence, which makes it that much more desirable in my mind. This coin came from the Meyer Collection and is an Overton 125 (Rarity 5) die pair. It has pointed number '6' in 1806, and the stems go through the reverse eagles claw. It is not easy to explain this without a photograph. Fortunately we have a description on USA Coin Book If this link dies, as my websites tend to outlive much of the internet, I have a PDF copy in my coins directory.


6 months ago
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