1813 AU58 Capped Bust Half Dollar


Sometimes it is the case that the best overall coin which is available is not a MS graded coin. In fact, several times over over the last few days, while pouring over old auctions, I have seen simply stunning AU58 Bust Halfs which sold at deep discounts to the MS versions, despite having far better eye appeal in nearly every way. It is astonishing to me, actually, because the difference between an AU58 and an MS66 might be the smallest of detail which is decided to be minute wear on a high point rather than the coin being an MS slider. In my mind, it is the ultimate in hypocrisy for coin graded AU58 to sell in auction for $10,000 less than an MS66 version. This is the ultimate bidding on the plastic, rather than the coin. The bidders for the AU58's often walk away with so much more value, and if one plays the crack out game, and resubmits the coin, I wouldn't be a but surprised is such a coin would return with MS grades. If you want proof of this point, look at this coin which PCGS has graded at an AU58

6 months ago
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