Here is a question for everyone. I found this 1969-D Lincoln Memorial Reverse cent while roll searching. As you can see in the photos below, I hope, it is missing the FG initials of Frank Gasparro, the designer of the reverse. In the book Cherrypickers' Guide-fifth edition it is listed as a variety "Missing Designer's Initials". It has a FS-01-1969-D-901 number. The authors maintain that during die polishing the initials were completely polished away. Other people feel that the die was filled with grease or some form of dirt. If that is so, then it is not a Variety.

 What do you think?

P.S. I tried posting this as a blog but got no where. Maybe this way of posting will work better. Thanks!

7 years ago

I just went through my bag of 60's Cents and out of 20 or so 69 "D" i found one with no FG, I'm curious about this too as no real answer came up on a google search.


7 years ago

Ok you guys, now I have to go through mine. Lol :)

Let me know what you find out. I can't tell the difference in grease filled die and a polished one myself but I can look for missing initials.

7 years ago

From what I've been able to find out so far is that its pretty common for them to try to extend the life of the dies by polishing them, When this is done some small details are lost. Like the bands on the reverse of a Rosey. It's still a nice little error coin, might be a $1 in uncirculated condition.

7 years ago

I've never seen one in a early die state so I can't answer the question.  I've found several and didn't see a pattern of polish lines.  All of mine have a lump at the FG position.  Grease filled dies are pretty easy to determine in uncirculated coins, and polishing lines disappear with circulation.  I do know that the grading services don't agree on the characteristics.

7 years ago
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