Are You Getting Your Packages From The U.S.P.S.?

Hi everyone i hope you are healthy? Just fillow the simple rules. I received an email after having problems with a coin delivery. It was about 12 minutes. They said take your mail with gloves. Keep it in a plastic bag by a window for 24 houres.They have found employees not wearing gloves. I live in an appartment building. What mail do i get. Credit card bill stock notice as we call the funny papers. We used to get a full mailbox everyday no more. You dont know who to believe but if it makes sence i will try it. My mail is tied to a nail by the window in a plastic bag. They refused to put a complaint on my package it Seems U.P.S is the way to go

1 year ago

There has been several days where the mail truck has not gone by house at all, and some of my packages have been 3-4 days late as well.

1 year ago

Some advice from Amazon on package handling, :
"Wipe down packages with disinfectant.

The first suggestion is to wipe down packages with disinfectant. Most deliveries coming from Amazon have two pieces of packaging--the product packaging, and the shipping container. Realistically, you should probably just remove your product from the shipping package, and dispose of that box immediately. 

Once you've done that, the surface of the inside package can be wiped down with a disinfectant wipe. Most products shipped by Amazon have likely been in a package for some time, meaning that the inside product probably isn't a super likely source of infection. Still, if you want to be extra careful, you can wipe that surface as well.

After you've disposed of the packaging, and wiped everything else down, wash your hands. This, by the way, is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of the virus anyway--meaning, you should be doing it anyway.

Leave them outside.

If that's not enough, another option is to leave the entire package outside, or, as Carney said, put it "in a remote location for a period of time." While it's not known exactly how long this particular virus can survive on cardboard packaging, in the long term it needs a host organism to survive and multiply. If it can survive on cardboard for only 24 hours, leaving it outside may kill it, allowing you to safely bring your package inside. 

If you have a garage, you can simply place the entire box outside, and leave it a few days. Then, to be safe, you can wipe down the inside package as described above. "

1 year ago

Excellexnt idea my friend. I forgot to mention i get the mail from the box with gloves. Simple things that you wrote can save a life. These are not hard. So i get a bill a day later. I received a email . The U.S.P.O. said many workers in the sorting area are not wering gloves. Thats enough for me . I am expecting a package today. Over a week late i will were gloves and it will put it outside overnite. Great ideas my friend. I intend to uses them. The package im expecting is small and will fit nicly in the mail box. I will then spray the mail box.Package goes outside. Im three stories up. No one can reach them. . Thanks any bigger package will be done per your diirections. Thanks.

1 year ago

Ive been more careful with mail. I do take open it, then throw out the outside envelope and packaging. Wash my hands. Then go ahead and read mail etc. Then wash again. Sometimes i just let mail sit for a day. Just keep washing those hands. 

1 year ago
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