Buying cleaned

Before my question, I apologize for the lack of good photography skills. A work in progress.

So, I picked this one up for $158.00. It matches the grade range and eye appeal of the others I have so far in this extremely difficult series to complete. Soon it will be cracked open and placed into a black ring air-tite to reside alongside the rest.

Being as only 230,000 were struck and the current market price for a VF seems to be around $300 I think this was a bargain despite being cleaned. Many out there steer clear of these types for that reason. Yet looking at what I have thus far as a whole cleaning and things such as light scratches seem to fade. In short I am satisfied with the acquisition of another key date.

As to the question, at what point is a coin determined cleaned by the collector themselves? If coin A were straight graded MS Details due to an individual cleaning it, with no real visible evidence other than under extreme magnification, while coin B had been "conserved" by a grading firm are they not the same? This is a subject which will be debated for many years. So I suppose what I'm asking, would you have bought this or any like coin?  

1 year ago

That's a tricky question, and always stirs up debate. Supposedly conservators such as NGC "correctly" clean a coin without harming any patina. I guess a piece cleaned by NGC would sell easier than a piece cleaned by Joe Smoe, but cleaned is cleaned to some collectors. As in your case, a cleaned coin with some rarity attached could be considered a bargain, and worthy until you can locate/afford a better coin down the road.

1 year ago

I just bought a details cleaned coin myself. I will do that if the coin is in nice shape and otherwise is priced out of my range. Most older coins have been cleaned at some point, it used to be a common practice. I don't think NGC or PCGS or ANACS state that a con has been conserved. I could be wrong. I would have bought it.

1 year ago

I would buy a cleaned coin if it's a key or semi key date with low mintage. If the price is right then its' probably worth it. Otherwise I don't like cleaned coins. 

1 year ago

I have no problem buying details coins if the collection needs a certain coin and the price for a non-details is too high.  With a details coin, you can own a higher grade for much less than a non-details coin.  And lets be real, the vast majority of circulated coins from the early 20th century on back have been cleaned, possibly more than once.   Bottom Line, you pay much less but when you sell, if you sell, you get much less too.  If you understand that going in, you will be fine with your details coin. 

1 year ago
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