Coin Roll Hunting

I once got a box of cents and found several wheats from the 40s and 50s, a couple Canadian cents, and some cents with "S" mintmarks from the early 70s, on top of anything I needed for my common date cent folders.

Coincidentally, I got a couple dime rolls today, and didn't find any silver, but I did find a 2015 dime with a weak P mintmark, and another with a slight weak mark. Has this been common with this year's batch of P dimes?

7 years ago

My son loves to get rolls of pennies and try to find wheats.  One time he found a 1900 Indian head cent UNC!!!  That made his day of course.

7 years ago

Found a couple of silver Jefferson nickels, lots of wheat pennies, two mercury dimes, 3 silver Roosevelt dimes and a 1942 well worn silver Washington quarter.

7 years ago

I coin roll hunt all denominations. I particularly like searching halves and dimes. Most of what I have found are common silver coins. I am trying to find a bank that will sell me large amounts of Ike dollars but I have not had any luck. Anyone have any suggestions?

7 years ago

Hi There,

Since they are not used in commerce and haven't been since the late seventies, they are scarce unless a bank customer rolls them up and deposits them.

On the rarest of occasions, a counting company that supplies a bank may have some Ikes in their stock.

It almost never happens but try to ask your bank to ask their coin delivery company, like Brinks or Wells Fargo, for example about the availability of large sized dollars. Explain to your bank that you are specifically looking for only Ikes or you'll end up with a ton of SBAs or Sacs, or Pres dollars.

Next, ask your bank to call you if another customer brings any in.  Let your bank know that you would like them.

Next, All banks hate to keep Ikes in their inventories.  They usually have tp pile up 500.00 or 1000.00 worth before they can ship them out.  Call any banks near you. Tell them you are not a customer but you are lòoking for Large Sized dollar coins.  You may have to explain what an Eisenhower dollar is since some of the tellers are too young to know what they are.

Be prepared to take a large amount of them if you find any.

Good luck,
Bill O'

7 years ago

I mainly coin role hunt pennies.  There have been some interesting finds.  Through many, many rolls searched, I have found half a folder's worth of unique wheat cents.  I also found tons of Canadian cents, British pennies, and a Barbados cent.  Interestingly, in the same roll I found the Barbados cent in, I also found a New Zealand cent.

7 years ago

I roll hunt nickels and pennies.  My latest find was a vf 1936 buffalo and a vf 1939d jeffeson.  Those were out of the first 10 rolls in a box I am going thru.  

Roll hunting is a cheap and fun way to find great coins as well as learn more about the set you may be searching.

Happy hunting

7 years ago


Nice Longstrider!

I have everyone in my family searching through pocket change. I have heard many comments like, "I can tell he is your son the way he immediately looks at the dates on his change". 
I have found a couple of cool things in change; a 1982 proof penny in the leave a penny jar at big boy restaurant, a 1955 Lincoln penny that looked like it was two years old (last year), I found a few silver Roosevelt dimes but worn pretty good. 
you can still find some really old Jefferson nickels in change. my thoughts are you wont be able to do that for long so take advantage of that now. really those are probably the highest percentage of OLDER coins still in circulation. The war nickels are even out there.
Happy hunting!
 I have found older(40s and 50s) Jefferson nickels too. I have also found a war nickel. 

7 years ago

yes many finds for me see my blog, click on my 1909s-vdb picture to bring you there.

7 years ago

Would you recommend a box of half dollars or nickels to coin hunt?

4 years ago
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